25 Sustainable Fashion Brands - Practicing not to Harm the Environment

We know that the fashion industry is abundant with harmful practices. The fast-fashion companies have always been notorious for underpaying workers and generating tons of waste — contributing to land, air, and water pollution. Hence the environment is paying the price for the changes in fashion.

Fortunately, changes are being made to make fashion more impactful and sustainable for the earth. Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is Designed, Manufactured, Distributed, and Used in such a way that it does not harm the environment.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”--- by Mahatma Gandhi

Here are 25 Sustainable Fashion Businesses (brands) currently being practiced all around the textile industry. These companies leading the way in sustainability. Read the below list and find how these fashion brands are making their fashion products ethically made and sustainable for the environment. 
(This list is made based on online research).

Sustainable fashion brands
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25 Sustainable fashion brands that are changing business practices

1. Patagonia

This California-based company was one of the earliest to defend environmental ethics in the textile industry. It was also one of the first to use recycled material and switch to organic cotton. Patagonia is mainly known for its Fairtrade outdoor clothing continues to expand its commitment to labor ethics too. Apart from all these it also promotes its second-hand worn collection which adds up to its sustainability values too.

2. Isabella fox

This British-based company makes traditional luxury products with high-quality processes in a sustainable way. On top of that in order to reduce unnecessary waste in the process chain, they create bags from excess leftover fabrics.

3. Everlane

This sustainable fashion brand is noted mainly for its radical transparency. It allows its customer to have every knowledge of how their product is being purchased. Learn more about Everlane sustainability activity. 

4. Able

This USA-based ethical fashion brand focuses on eradicating generational poverty. So to achieve this they have created employment opportunities for women such that they can provide a livelihood for themselves. They pay their female employees fairly and takes care of them.

5. Tentree

The most striking feature of this ethnically progressive brand is that for every item purchased they plant 10 trees!! Tentree believes that in order to make a difference you don’t need to be a devoted environmentalist. With this vision and its motto “Buy one, plant ten”, this fashion brand has nearly planted approximately 42 million trees around the world. It has a target of planting 1 billion trees by the end of 2030.

6. Levi’s

Levi with outlets in more than 100 countries is known as the face of denim. With manufacturing recyclable denim to ethically sourced cotton and different innovation for water use, Levi’s have always been ready for any sustainable development or any such change.

7. Amour Vert

Having its base in California, this fashion brand is all about loving nature as “Amour Vert” stands for green love in French. This company uses natural fibres like certified organic cotton, ethical wool, and hemp and sends them to mills for the production of sustainable fabrics like Tencel Modal and Lyocell. On top of that, it plants a tree for every T-shirt bought.

8. Hackwith Design House

Popularly known as HDH, this American-based company carefully designs every product with minimal wastage and high quality to make it the customer’s favourite.

9. Sezane

Born in Paris Sezane’s main belief is sustainable production which benefits people and the planet. To follow this, the brand was started online to cut down the middle man between customers and the company practicing zero waste production as much as possible. “Demain” a philanthropic initiative, was stated by Sezane in 2017 to help children access education and equal opportunities.

10. Mara Hoffman

This brand uses sustainable raw materials like Econyl, Tencel, Repreve, and organic cotton in abundance for its product. Moreover, they also take care of their collateral such as giving compostable polybags to the customers, using sustainable buttons in clothes, and soy-based ink for billings.

11. People Tree

This brand is one of the prime brands of the sustainable fashion movement and fair trade in the fashion industry. For over twenty years it has partnered with artisans and farmers to produce fair trade eco wear. Its collection consists of sundresses, workwear, jumpsuits, yoga wear, and many more.

12. United by Blue

United by Blue is setting new milestones in this sustainable fashion business as for every item sold, they remove one pound of trash from the oceans and waterways. Being a Certified B Corp it diligently works for the best of the people and the planet throughout the production. Its collection mainly comprises Eco-friendly outdoor clothing.

13. Summersalt

Summersalt is a travel wear brand offering women’s apparel, swimsuit, sleepwear, and other such items. Its products are sustainably made in factories using recycled polyamide, regenerative cupro, and cruelty-free wool.

14. Saye

Saye strongly stands by its motto of “Meaningful Steps to Inspire Change” as they have already planted 63936 trees and organizing reforestation projects and production in Portugal. It produces one of the finest vegan sneakers which can be recycled later.

15. Eileen Fisher

This sustainable fashion brand is the perfect example of making the highest quality of durable materials via sustainable means. Its main motive is to cut down its greenhouse emission by 25% by 2025.

16. Boden

Boden has been practicing Sustainable steps and fair trade in the UK for nearly 30 years. They also package material in recyclable materials and supports many charities and fair trade initiatives.

17. Ninety Percent

The most notable characteristic of this London-based company is that it gives away 90% of its profits to trusts and charitable institutions. Besides having fair wages and safe working conditions it also provides free childcare, health insurance, and lunch for its workers.

18. Alternative Apparel

This Atlanta based company focuses on reducing negative impact on the planet by making use of sustainable components like recycled and organic cotton for their products. It has also recycled 1.8 million plastic bottles into eco fabric and uses low impact dyes and water conservable methods to safeguard the environment.

19. Tonle

Tonle is a master in practicing zero-waste fashion. It uses reclaimed fabrics to make its products. They even use small bits of fabric to create tags and label them. The products are dyed with safe natural dye and the workers are fairly paid.

20. Thought clothing

This London-based clothing brand provides a wide range of items such as vegan clothing, fair trade collection, and many more. It uses organic cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo, Tencel, and modal as its raw material. Over the years it has created long-lasting relations with factories and suppliers. It also donates its samples seasonally to support women transitioning into the workforce.

21. Vetta

This USA-based company uses sustainable dead stock fabric to create its product. Its factories are 70% solar-powered based in LA.

22. Mud jeans

Mud jeans is a Netherlands-based company that uses organic and recycled cotton with the initiative to minimize the effect of pollution. Also, it provides the customer to lease and buy its product and even sends it back to the company after use for recycling to minimize waste.

23. Cuyana

Having known for its classic capsule wardrobe, Cuyana makes pieces that last for a lifetime. Following their “Lean Closet” initiative they donate clothes to needy women in exchange for your next Cuyana purchase

24. Pact

This is a certified B corporation brand that is mainly noted for its super-soft garments. The brand takes special care in maintaining clean and sustainable measures throughout its product manufacturing and supply chain.

25. Kotn

Kotn is a certified B corporation brand making wardrobe staples and home décor. Its product is ethically made in the Nile Delta from 100% Egyptian cotton and designed in Canada. The brand's main motive is to change the way things are made and make the world a better place to live. Hence it has helped over 100,000 lives in Egypt by building schools and funds over 200 farms in Egypt.


There are many other fashion and clothing brands in the world those are doing business ethically and sustainable way. Awareness on sustainability is increasing everywhere. More and more fashion brands are following the sustainable path for sourcing their apparel and textile items. This is is made to encourage other fashion brands and clothing companies to consider the sustainability. The newcomers can start their sustainable business journey by following the existing companies.  Or they can come up with innovative way to be sustainable a brand. 



About the Author:
Agniv Chatterjee is pursuing his graduation degree from the Department of Textile Technology, Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology, Serampore.

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