Individual operator efficiency calculator (multiple operations)

This calculator will help you calculate individual operator efficiency. This calculator is designed to calculate efficiency when an operator worked on multiple operations (2-3 operations). In the following form, Oprn stands for operation.

Enter data in all the fields and click on the 'Calculate' button.

Individual Operator Efficiency Calculator
(when working on multiple operations)

Parameters Oprn.1 Oprn.2 Oprn.3 Result (Efficiency%)
Produced Qty.

Operation SAM

Hours worked


Note: All fields are mandatory. In case, you don't have working hours per operation, enter the total hours in one box and enter '0' (zero) in the other two boxes.

Produced Qty.: Number of total garments produced by an operator.
Operation SAM: Standard time of the operation operator has worked in minutes (SAM/ SMV)

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