How to Calculate Estimated Production per 10 Hours for a Garment Factory?

The estimated production calculation method is discussed in this article. In this post, I will answer the following question on calculating the daily production of a garment factory that works for 10 hours a day.


A knit garments factory has 1500 workers, SMV=7.35, Efficiency 85%, Total Line=30, So, Calculate the Production per 10 hours. How can solve it? kindly help.......!!!!!


To calculate daily estimated production, use the below formula.

Estimated Production = (Total Available minutes x Average factory Efficiency%)/ Garment SMV

From the above problem definition, we have the following information required for calculating the daily production volume of the factory.

1. Total available minutes in a day

Calculate daily available minutes for 1500 workers.
Total available minutes in a day = (1500 workers x 60 min x 10 hours)

In this calculation, I have considered all the workers mentioned in the question. They will be working on the production lines and they will be producing a garment. (As the types of workers are not mentioned in the question).

Note: If your factory work for 8 hours a day, calculate the total available minutes. 

2. Garment SMV is given as 7.35 minutes

3. Average efficiency of the factory - It is 85%

4. Number of lines - We do not need to use the number of lines for the calculations.

As we have all the required information, let us calculate the daily production of the factory.

Daily production = (Available mins x Eff%)/ SMV
= (1500 x 60x10 x 85%)/7.35
= (1500 x 600 x 0.85)/7.35
= 104,082 Pieces per day

Production Capacity calculation by line: 

For calculating estimated production from a single line you can use the same method and same formula. You need to consider the number of workers (operators and helpers) working in that line. Use the average efficiency of that production line and use the Garment SMV that your run in your line. 

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