Aman Graphics & Design, Bangladesh Selected timeSSD® Solution for Improving Operator Skills and Standardize time

Aman graphics and Design Bangladesh

timeSSD® is the Genuine Cost-Effective time-cost manufacturing solution for apparel brands and manufacturers. TimeSSD solution helps the customer keeping efficiency and happiness at an optimum level.

DataS is glad to announce the successful beginning of the timeSSD® Practitioner workshop series, delivered on digital channels to the participants from its new customer, Aman Graphics & Designs from Bangladesh. 

Aman Graphics & Designs started in December 2020 to evaluate timeSSD® by using of the Azure Cloud based, publicly available free trial registration feature, accessing the comprehensive public library of video tutorials, and with the on-site support of Hosanna Resources – timeSSD® partner for Bangladesh. The company scope is to use timeSSD® for labor costing and work method development with the aim of careful capacity planning, better manufacturing management and fairly increased efficiency. 

With extensive expertise in fashion and apparel manufacturing, the cloud-based timeSSD® supports in a genuine cost-effective and flexible way the Aman Graphics & Designs current and future production. The accuracy of the standard time has a wide and high influence on the stress level in different points of the complex process to have a smooth flow. 

With timeSSD® the IEs from the different locations has a collaborative solution with which can catch the very detail of the style, provides benchmark times and detailed documented methods. The detailed BOM from the brand should be supported by equally detailed BOL (Bill Of Labor), in a transparent way, increasing the confidence. 

We believe our productivity, less absenteeism, and turnover driven by gross employee happiness. With the pandemic generated changes, we must focus on the sustainability, to keep efficiency and happiness at optimum level, professionally. By choosing a solution with which we are better supported to provide fair wages, to develop the human skills based on standardized methods and which provides flexibility in use with our control on its costs, we anticipate that timeSSD® will help us meet our goals. ”, said Saiful Hoque Bhuiyan, Director of Aman Knittings Ltd. & Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd. 

It is our honor to support Aman Graphics & Designs in increasing productivity and competitiveness, a company well known for its game changer role.”, said Laszlo Szabo, director of DataS. 

About Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd:
Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd. (a member of UNIFILL Group) started its business in 2010 with the support of In-House Knit / Woven Productions, embroidery, fabric printing, and washing facilities. Principal exportable products of the company are shirts, pants, and jackets. Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd lately achieved the LEED Platinum certification from USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) on 22nd December 2020 with 90 LED points which ranks it in the top ten in the world’s LEED industry segment. For more information, visit: 

About timeSSD®
Since 1992 the DataS software solutions supports productivity improvement, processing cost control and quality assurance in the apparel industry. timeSSD® is the Genuine Cost–Effective, Azure Cloud-based, time & cost benchmarking solution with “pay as you go” pricing, for accurate labor costing and manufacturing performance in the apparel industry. timeSSD can connect with third-party software solutions dedicated for production planning and tracking, efficiency control, labor cost and incentives calculation. DataS is the brand under which operates Astailor Shine Ltd. from Romania. More in

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