5 Reasons Why Digital Signage Now is Indispensable Tool for Each Fashion Retail Store!

This article is contributed by Ethan Andrews.

Digital billboards and signage are gaining much traction and usefulness in the advertising world today. It has breathed new life in the marketing world with the impact of static advertising being insignificant day by day. As a fashion retail store in this digital era, digital adverts are inevitable as customers also want brands that evolve with time and keep up with the latest trend. 

Here are 5 reasons why digital signage is indispensable for fashion retail stores.

1. Better Recall Rate

Advertising lets your customers know about your brand and your products. With digital signage, it gets even better as they allow for greater recall among customers. It is easier for a customer to remember a video or a screen playing ads about a specific brand and their products compared to a static poster or billboard. This is beneficial for you a fashion store owner as customers like to visualize what they intend to buy and digital signs allows for exactly that. 

Even if it's not a video, people tend to remember digital billboards on the streets or in the hallway more than static billboards on the highway. 

With a better recall rate, the retention rate also increases. This way, you are guaranteed more sales and growth.

2. Reduced Advertising Costs

The cost of advertising as a form of brand advertising is always on the roof and you cannot do enough advertising as a brand. As a fashion store, you need to spend a lot preparing billboards and other forms of adverts to cover all that you want to showcase with your audience. With digital adverts, you can have it all in one place and significantly reduce the cost of advertising. With good remote management, you can have ads run on digital signage in multiple places selling your brand and your products to your audience all over without having to incur additional costs and time designing, printing, and mounting multiple signs.

3. Increased Impulse Purchase

Great graphics have an amazing way of appealing to people your customers included which is why digital signage is an indispensable tool as a fashion retailer. The power of digital marketing using signages is to impress buyers and appeal to their interests and make them purchase whatever products or services you are selling. With fashion, it is more of wants than needs which means you really have to impress customers for them to want what you sell and you can hardly do this with static signs nowadays. As a fashion retailer, you can never stop relying on digital billboards and signages as means of advertising and impressing your target audience.

Good visual impression through great graphics and creative ad creation will work wonders to impress customers and increase impulse purchases which are good for your business. Customers doing impulse buying can buy more than they wanted as long as they are impressed by what is advertised and presented to them.

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4. "Lower' Customer Waiting Time

No one likes waiting in line at a store to buy something they can get from a competitor within minutes. The concept of time is a perception and you can lower the perceived waiting time with the signages. Installing screens and digital billboards in your fashion retail store to display some of the products on sale and available offers is a great way of keeping your customers waiting in line occupied and thus reducing the perceived waiting time. 

No ordinary being would stare at a poster on the wall for 20 min waiting to get to the counter and buy a fashion accessory but anyone can wait for the same amount of time watching videos of the clothes and other fashion accessories you sell in your store playing on a loop and not get bored at all. 

This way, you get to impress and retain customers even when the store is flocking with customers waiting in line without any of them getting to notice time passing by fast.

5. Attract the Attention of Passersby

You can transfer the experience you offer to customers inside the store outside and offer the same to passersby who have never had any interest in any brick-and-mortar business or development. Passersby easily get used to or easily ignore the posters and signs on your fashion store display windows and entrance but this is almost impossible with digital signage. Spicing up your advertising methods by adding digital billboards or screens increases the number of onlookers who notice your store, the digital display and take the time to check out your fashion retail store. They are great at capturing the attention of bystanders or people passing by and increase the number of sales.

Advertising is crucial in any business especially the fashion industry but what is of more importance is keeping up with the latest trends and digital signage is the best way of keeping up.

Source: https://www.lookdigitalsignage.com/

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