What is the Difference between Pima Cotton and Supima Cotton?

People often ask this question - what is the difference between Pima cotton and Supima cotton? In this post, we will explain the difference between Pima cotton and Supima cotton. We will also know the difference between Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton.

Pima and Supima cotton

Pima cotton is a type of cotton considered to be one of the superior cotton with an extra-long staple length. Pima cotton is extremely durable and absorbent.

On the other hand, Supima cotton is the brand name of the Pima cotton. Supima is a trade name used by a group of Pima cotton growers who adhere to certain standards of quality and labeling.

All Supima cotton first is Pima cotton. But all Pima cotton may not be registered as Supima cotton or part of the Supima group. 

Supima cotton is grown in the USA only in the west and southwest states of California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico.

To make sure you are using the Pima cotton for your garments, you will most probably be going for trusted cotton growers - for that buy Supima labeled cotton. Due to the Supima label, the cost of Supima cotton might be a little higher than the non-labelled Pima cotton.

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Another question people often ask is - What is the difference between Supima and Egyptian cotton?

As per the Supima website - All Supima cotton is premium, extra-long-staple cotton. Egyptian cotton only references the country of origin and does not impart any measure of quality. A minimal amount of Egyptian cotton is extra-long-staple, but the majority of Egyptian cotton is of a long-staple or a regular cotton variety.

You can check more about FAQs on Supima cotton here https://supima.com/faq.

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