Thrift Stores: Your New Shopping Destination

What are the thrift stores?

Thrift stores are an online platform to buy pre-loved and upcycled clothing and accessories. During the lockdown, the thrift stores have flourished and gained substantial recognition for promoting sustainability and offering diverse options at affordable prices to its consumers. 

Thrift Stores

Why Thrift?

Sustainability is a much talked about topic at times like today when people are beginning to realise that climate change is real. Fast fashion brands rely on cheap-mass manufacturing and short-term use. Fast fashion brands are a major concern for environmentalists as its impact on the environment is vast. They are criticised for increasing water pollution and the carbon footprint in the nature. They are a major consumer of an already scarce resource, freshwater. Over 20 litres of water are used to produce 1 kg of cotton. At this rate, the day is not far when we will run out of water to drink. The dyeing and finishing processes in the textile industry use intensive chemicals which are released into the water bodies polluting the water in turn. The smoke produced from heating and dyeing processes is released into the air which is a seed to several respiratory problems.

With fashion trends changing every day, consumers have started using clothing as a use-and-throw item to keep up with the new style. Over 90 tonnes of textile waste are generated each year. This waste is either dumped into the landfill or is incinerated way ahead of the life expectancy of the garment. Synthetic fabrics take over 100-200 years to degrade causing major soil and land pollution. The fashion industry has become a major polluting sector.

Thrift stores have emerged as a solution to this concern. It is a sustainable alternative to shopping from fast-fashion brands. Choosing pre-loved products over fast fashion decrease the demand and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Several thrift stores upcycle old garments and sell them at minimal rates. With slow fashion being the new fashion, thrift stores provide the latest fashion picks at affordable prices to their consumers.

How to thrift?

The internet is flooded with thrift stores. Thrift stores have taken the world of social media by storm. Instagram especially, has several thrift stores for the consumers to choose from. The items are available at extremely affordable rates with a minimal shipping fee.

Some of the well-known thrift stores are:

Here is a List Of Instagram Thrift Stores In India (posted on Homegrown)

With thrifting a consumer:

  • Saves water
  • Saves money
  • Saves time
  • Contributes to a good cause
  • Keeps up with the trend

As a consumer, it is our responsibility to do our part in saving the environment. Being rational while shopping and judicious about where we shop from is essential. Thrift stores are a completely viable, guilt-free, and economical option. Ethical shopping is the need of the hour and thrifting is the best way to do it while sitting at home.



About the Author:
Aayushi is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT, Kannur. Her interests lie in sustainability, newer innovations, functional and technical garments.

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