17 Different Types of Caps (with Pictures)

Caps have been with us for ages as a fashionable item as well as being functional. It has such an old history and with mushrooming throughout the world it has been able to take different shapes with the different cultures, regions, trends, and generations. This made possible a wide variety/types of caps that are available in the market.

A cap is a form of headgear that fits very closely to the head. It functions to provide warmth, blocking sun rays from the eyes, and of course as a fashionable accessory. These are mostly made from both woven and knitted fabrics with all major fibres used and other materials such as fur, rubber, buckram, wood etc. If the number of different types of caps is to be counted it would cross a few dozen and that too considering the most prominent design types of all times. 

different types of caps
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But this article will only be limited to the ones considered fashionable and functional in modern times with availability in the market depending on the place. With the advent of online platforms, you can design custom hats.

1. Baseball Cap

This is the most common among all the caps and symbolises a casual vibe. The brim is much wider to cover the face and has embroidered symbols at the forehead of the cap. Other variations of this are Snapback and Dad hat. 

Fig- Baseball Cap

Fig- Snapback

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2. Fedora Cap

These are very common and fashionable caps with folded brims. It also has a silk ribbon of similar or contrasting colour attached at the base of the crown. These are mostly worn with suits and blazers and provide a formal look to the wearer. 

Fig-Fedora Cap

3. Sun Cap

As the name indicates these are mostly used to cover the top of the body from the sun and are mostly worn casually. The brim of the cap can be of different size and shape with folds. There are often strap attached at the bottom to secure the hat with the face so that it doesn’t fly off.

Sun Cap

4. Porkpie Cap

This is slightly similar to that of Fedora cap but is made distinct with the all-around folded brim and telescoped crown with a slight lip pinched in around the upper edge. These come attached with brooches, feathers and other decorative things for high fashion.

Fig- Porkpie Cap

5. Beret Cap

These caps are unisex and can be worn both as casual and high fashion. These have a flat crown and are soft, round mostly of woven or hand-knitted in wool, crocheted cotton, acrylic etc. These are also worn as a uniform in many military and police units around the world.

Beret cap
Fig- Beret Cap

6. Sun Visor

It can be considered a crownless version of the baseball cap with only the brim and a portion of the crown in the shape of a strap. Mostly used in sports such as Tennis it protects the face of the wearer from the sun.

Fig- Sun Visor

7. Bucket Cap

These are made of heavyweight woven cotton fabric such as denim or canvas. These have a wide downward sloping brim which offers shade from the sun for the eyes and face. These also have two metal eyelets at opposite sides above ears to cool the wearer. This is also known as Fishing Cap or Beanie Cap.

Fig - Bucket Cap

8. Panama Cap

Also known as Ecuadorian hat or Toquilla straw hat is a traditional brimmed straw hat. These are light coloured, lightweight and breathable and suits well with summer dresses and suits. These are also a perfect accessory for a tropical and seaside experience.

Panama cap

Panama Cap

9. Flat Cap

This is a classic with first of these dating back to the 16th century. From then it has become a fashionable accessory and can be worn with enormous clothing combinations. These are made mostly from wool with options from cotton, linen, corduroy etc. The inside of the cap is lined with a comfortable fabric and has a small hard brim over the forehead. It is called by various other named such as golf cap, cabbie cap, scally cap, duffer cap etc.

Fig- Flat Cap

10. Cowboy Cap

These have its roots in America and are mostly used by the cowboys to shed their eyes from the sun. the brims of the cap are a bit larger in the front with folded sides. These caps provide a very rough look if worn with proper attire.

Cowboy Cap
Fig- Cowboy Cap

11. Newsboy Cap

This is similar to that of Flat cap but is a bit fuller on the sides. It also has a button at the top and made of the same material as that of Flat cap. This was popular in the 19th Century Europe and at present is making trend with the TV Show Peaky Blinders.

Newsboy Cap

Fig- Newsboy Cap

12. Boater Cap

These have hard exterior often made from straws and have a flat surface both at crown and brim. These have ribbon attached at the base to look more fashionable.

Fig- Boater Cap

13. Top Cap

These have hard exterior with a high cylindrical crown and are considered a classic. Mostly used in formal wear with occasionally being associated with the Rock and Roll style.

Top cap

Fig- Top Cap

14. Beanie Cap

Similar to Knit caps but are a bit longer making the top part rest at the back. These look a much more fashionable and are very popular with the millennials.

Beanie cap

Fig- Beanie Cap

15. Knit Cap

Similar to that of bobble cap it is made for a colder climate and provides warmth to the wearer. These look a much more fashionable and are very popular with the millennials.

Fig- Knit Cap

16. Booble Cap

These we knitted with wool and provide warmth to the wearer and thus worn in cold temperatures. This looks similar to beanie but provides a snug fit around the head. These are also called as torque or stocking cap.

Fig- Booble Cap

17. Bomber Hat

These are made for extreme cold weather and have large earflaps with chin strap for added protection. These have a lining of fur for insulation and are the exterior is made from felt. Most of such hats are brimless with added eye flaps to keep the forehead warm. Other names and variations of this are Trapper Hat, Ushanka.

Fig- Bomber Cap

There are dozens of different types of caps which can be found in this Wiki Page. This is most certain that caps have been around for ages and will still be considered as an important fashion accessory for the times to come.

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