Mobile Applications for Quality Control and Quality MIS for the Apparel Manufacturers

Mobile apps for apparel quality control

In the series on digital solutions for the apparel industry on shop floor data capturing articles, today we will cover few software solutions that provide mobile applications for managing quality on the shop floor and other areas in garment factories. The following list is made in a random sequence. 

Stitch QAM 

Stitch QAM module is a cloud-based quality control system for the apparel manufacturing industry. Stitch QAM system helps factories to go paperless and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their quality checks by removing shop floor paperwork and the associated difficulties of validating paper-based quality control documents. 

Stitch QAM also provides complete visibility into the inspection processes, inspection documentation and quality related work instructions that allows quality teams to work together for greater control of the manufacturing process, and immediately identify potential costly defects and quality issues without slowing down production. All necessary quality data is validated and maintained in a single digital platform and serves as a single source of truth when it comes to quality. Access level controls simplify the approval process and provide necessary security for sensitive data. Electronic timestamps provide complete digital traceability within the system. The system allows quality control auditors and checkers to retrieve all the accurate information they need easily. It automates the collection, interpretation, reporting and storage of real-time factory data to aid management decision-making by removing paper-based MIS, the risk of discrepancies and data being lost or spoilt. Unlimited quality assurance and critical control point checks can be created and scheduled to automate the entire inspection process from cutting to packing. 

Stitch QAM’s ability to identify and track issues in real time on the shop floor is a significant competitive advantage that can greatly increase a company’s profitability and can deliver a significant return on investment year after year.

BlueCherry Roving SQC

BlueCherry shop floor control system is a widely accepted solution in the apparel manufacturing sector. BlueCherry Manufacturing suite also has a Roving SQC module which is a mobile-based solution for shop-floor quality control. Users need an Android tablet and they need to install the SQC application to use this solution. By using this SQC application you can get complete quality control data.

The roving SQC module integrated with the shop floor production tracking system. As a result, quality data can be captured against bundle number, sewing operations, and employees. From the quality report, users can track the source of defects.

The application also provides a number of quality reports with graphical presentations. Quality reports can be accessed through web applications as well.

Learn more about the BlueCherry SQC solution.

Res.Q| QMS

Res.Q Quality management module is a cloud-based solution catering to the end to end apparel quality inspection process. While catering to the traditional end-line and in-station (7.0) quality inspections Res.Q| QMS also caters to your AQL inspections. By digitizing all inspection points with a tablet device to capture shop-floor quality data, Res.Q can provide you a complete helicopter view of your shop-floor quality and production to enable faster data-driven decisions crucial to improve the quality of your production process.

The captured data is then filtered and the responsible personnel in your quality value chain are notified. The data is also presented in many forms that best fit the roles that they play.

- Printable reports
- Shop-floor dashboards
- SMS alerts
- Res.Q mobile application
- Res.Q analytical platform

Res.Q also helps you capture defect locations and even the operation and operator wise defects enabling you to create training plans linked to each operator. By being able to map your customer defect codes and names Res.Q also automates the generation of your buyer reports. 

With the use of Res.Q, factories have seen a significant drop in defects and rejects, improvement in efficiency, reduced re-work, and ultimately more profitability.  

WFX Quality Apps (Quality Controller)

WFX quality controller App is designed for the shipment inspection (final inspection) from the buyer’s end. The key features of this application include -
  • Inspection Scheduling: QC manage can create an Inspection Schedule and allocate to the QC’s
  • AQL Standard: Based on applicable AQL standard, the system suggests Inspected qty and no of
  • cartons to Inspect
  • Defect Capturing: Quick capture of defect counts and photos with an enabled editing tool
  • Inspection Result on QC APP: QC will submit the inspection results after updating the Final Inspection Decision.
  • Reports & Dashboard for QC’s: After entering data on the QC app, checker can see the quality report on the tablet screen.
Know more about WFX quality control Application.

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PS: If you are a software solution provider and have cloud-based mobile applications for apparel quality management, write to us. 

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