What is PCW Cotton?

PCW stands for Post-Consumer Waste. The cotton yarns and cotton apparel items made of post-consumer wastes are called as PCW Cotton. The use of PCW cotton and other textile materials is one way of textile recycling. The intention of textile recycling and the use of post-consumer waste (PCW) material is to reduce textile waste in landfills.

Normally, the used clothing and discarded garments by consumers are collected and reprocessed to convert garments into recycled yarns. And then use in making new clothes through upcycling of the product.

The use of PCW textiles in ready-made garments is increasing by many apparel brands to make the fashion business more sustainable. Many brands are using the Term PCW Cotton in their product labels. 

I got to know about this term when I saw it on a denim product banner. I thought it would help you too if you are trying to find the meaning and use of PCW cotton.

Post consumption cotton
Image: A super-stretch denim made using 25% PCW Cotton.

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