List of Industrial Knitting Machine Manufacturers and Brands

If you are in the knitting business, you already know a few well-known brands that manufacture circular knitting machines and flat knitting machines. There are some global brands in the knitting machine manufacturing sector. If you are a newcomer and wanted to know about top knitting machines brands (I mean knitting machine manufacturers) check this list out. We have prepared this list after exploring knitting machines. You can check the company website for more information. 

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Knitting machine manufacturers
Image: A circular knitting machine | Image courtesy: Mayer&Cie

Circular knitting Machine Brands

1. Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG: In 1905 when Germany was still under the emperor rule, 8 men founded the united mechanical workshop named Mayer and Cie. They are the manufacturer of circular knitting machines and their respective spare parts. Not only they are the producer of circular knitting machines but also they manufacture braiding machines. In Europe Mayer and Cie have their manufacturing units in Germany and the Czech Republic and in Asia, they have a small unit in china. ISO 9001, ISSO 50001, and certifications of Blue competence. 

2. Fukuhara: Fukuhara Group, based in Japan sales division Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd which, along with Precision Fukuhara Works Ltd, manufacturer of circular knitting machines, and Fukuhara Needle Co. Ltd, manufacturer of knitting elements such as needles and sinkers, forms a knitting machinery group. They manufacture and sell from Japan circular knitting machines and their related parts, needles, and sinkers to customers around the globe. Founded in April,1923 and Established in August 1938. (

3. Orizio: The brand ORIZIO, founded in 1952, is now one of the most known textile leading company worldwide. Engineering and production of high technology circular knitting machines are accompanying a customized service and customer care finalized to the customers’ needs that can come from a versatile market. The company is based in Gussago (Brescia), Italy. ORIZIO SRL The company Orizio Srl based in Gussago (Brescia) has been actively involved in the textile market in the last sixty years for the production of large diameter single knit, double knit mechanic and electronic circular knitting machines. They manufacture machines include Single Jersey, Electronic Single Jersey, Double Jersey, Electronic Double Jersey. ( )

4. Hanma group: Hanma group is one of the leading circular knitting machine manufacturers based in China. It has a strong research and development team. Hanma manufactures velvet knitting machines as well as jacquard knitting machines. Besides this Hanma is also a manufacturer of weaving and garment machinery.

5. Jiunn long: JIUNN LONG MACHINE CO., LTD. was established in May of 1989 as one of the leading manufacturers of knitting machines in Taiwan. Till then they are supplying abundant professional technology for designing knitting machines as productively and speediness with the latest technology. It has a 1,000CBM yard for allowable manufacture 80 sets knitting machines simultaneously. Jiunn Long caters single jerseys, double jerseys, fleece, terry pile, jacquard, and its parts. Along with this, they have an operational centre in northern Africa and eastern Europe too. (

6. Zentex: Zentex Asia Pte Ltd, a circular knitting machine builder in Singapore, was established in July 2002. The company's single knit machines produce jersey, fleece, terry reverse, and standard plain fabrics. Its double knit machines produce double jersey interlock, rib and universal including 8-lock designs. The company has also recently introduced a mini-jacquard in single and double knit. Zentex uses external contractors, based in Japan, Germany, and Taiwan, for the machine frames, doors, gearing, and transmission. Zentex has recently moved into a new factory in Jurong, in Singapore, and produces about 15-18 machines in a month. The machines produced by the company are shipped to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Indonesia, and Thailand, and the company sees Bangladesh as its strongest market.

7. Masa (Taiwan): Situated in Taiwan, Masa is one of the known manufacturers of Textile machine, Knitting machine, Cylinder, Sinker, Cam, spare parts, accessories. Masa have their export facilities in Asia, mid-east, India, Turkey, and Arabian countries

8. Well: Well is one of the leading textile machine manufacturers of Taiwan. Product domain of well lies in single jersey, double jersey, specialised hosiery knitting machines, jacquard and computerised machines. Well is a ISO 9001 certified knitting manufacturing firm which helps them to grow their global sales network in countries like Germany, USA, Korea, India.

9. Jin Har: Jin-Har precision machinery co. ltd is a leading manufacturer in circular knitting machine manufacturing. Established in 1991 in Taiwan, exports its machines to Vietnam, Thailand, Middle east. Jin-har also supplies its machine parts and respective equipment. (

10. Pailung (Taiwan): Pailung is based in Taiwan was established in 1977 as Pailung machinery mill co. ltd. Pailung provides their service to brands, designers, textile manufactures, and contractors in the fashion, home, healthcare, and environmental textile industries. Beside circular knitting machine pailung also manufactures flatbed machines, a new type of weave-knit machine as well as shupper-knit which knit fabric for shoe manufacturing. (

11. Lisky: Lisky Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 in Taiwan, the company has started R&D and manufacture of circular knitting machine ever since. Lisky has customers all over the country and export our products to almost 50 countries in Europe, Americas, Oceania, and Southeast Asia. Product portfolio ranges from Single Jersey machine, Double Jersey machine , Rib machine, Fleece machine, Pique machine, Single/Double jersey Open - Width machine, Single / Double computerized Jacquard machine, 4/6-color Auto Striper, Single/Double Jersey 40G ~ 44G thin needle knitting machine. Besides this, they also manufacture No Tension Dryer, Dyeing Machine, Calendar Compactor, Squeezer, Rising Machine, etc.

12. Ta-yu (Taiwan): Tayu Machine is one of the largest knitting machine manufacturers in China. Its production base is located in Xiamen Special Economic Zone, China. Was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1975, has dedicated itself to the research & development and manufacture of knitting machines for hi-tech fabrics. They manufacture single jersey, double jersey, electronic knitting machines as well as machines for knitting the denim and corduroy fabric.

13. Fukahama: Established in 1983, Fukahama machinery Co., ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of the circular knitting machine in Taiwan. Export destinations span across the globe, including India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Canada, the United States. Currently, Fukahama have a strong R& D department responsible for constant new product developments in order to meet various market needs. Machine models available are single Jersey, double Jersey, single loop-pile, rib, interlock, jacquard circular knitting machine.

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Flat-bed knitting machine brands

1. Shima Seiki: It is one of the leading knitting machine manufacturers of Japan. It provides service in Computerized flat knitting machines, Design systems, Automatic fabric cutting machines, computerised flat knitting machines, Glove, and sock knitting machines. Established in 1962 they are one of the pioneers of wholegarment knitting machine. 


2. Karl Mayer: The German family-run enterprise was set up in 1937, With more than 3,300 employees worldwide nowadays, the international organization produces in its main markets, in the USA, in England, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Bangladesh and Switzerland. The manufacturer offers perfect solutions for the fields of warp knitting and flat knitting, technical textiles, warp preparation for weaving and digitalisation. In flatbed variety they offers tricot, raschel, double needle bar raschel, lace machines and warping machines for warp knitting with their respective spare parts. 

3. Stoll: The brand STOLL as a part of the Karl Mayer Group is a leader in flat-knitting machine technology. Founded over 145 years ago, Stoll has a strong reputation for providing highly sophisticated knitting solutions and as an independent thinker and developer in the section of Fashion & Technology. Besides this, they also provide ready to wear garment knitting machine, knitting machines for technical textile, re-conditioned machines, mask knitting machines. 

4. Jy-leh (Taiwan): Established in 2016 in Taiwan, Jy-leh is one of the known flatbed knitting machine manufacturers. They provide flat knitting machine as well as computerised flat knitting machine, semi-jacquard computerised flat knitting machine. 

5. Kauo Heng: Kauo Heng Precision Machinery Industrial Co., LTD. established in 1972, in Taiwan. company is focused on manufacturing high quality and efficient computerized flat-knitting machines. In flatbed variety, they offers collar manufacturing, sweater manufacturing, strapping machine, and knitting machine for shoe manufacturing. Kauo Heng Co. are able to design and manufacture the high-quality goods customers want utilizing a professional computerized drafting system. 

6. James (Taiwan): James textile machinery co. ltd of Taiwan is a flatbed knitting machine manufacturer that was established in1997. Product ranges from plain flat knitting machine, cam enabled flatbed machine, Plain Collar Machine, Semi Jacquard and Jacquard Machine with Single Carriage/Double Carriage and Single Carriage 3 CAM system Machine. 

7. Flying Tiger: Established in 1975, Flying-Tiger has been recognized as the world-renowned manufacturer of Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine exporting to South Asia, Africa, and Mid East. In 1997, in response to international customers’ demands and the solution for labour shortage, Flying-Tiger has built up a series of microcomputer controlling 'semi-system' and portable knitting machine. Along with this flying tiger provides hand-driven flat machines, computerised flat knitting machines, cad-systems, semiautomatic and fully electronically controlled knitting machines. Flying-tiger has its operative units in Malaysia, Bangladesh, India and Europe. 

If you think any name is missing in this list you can suggest us.

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