Digital Apparel Sourcing Platforms – Connecting Apparel Buyers and Manufacturers

digital apparel sourcing platform

In this lockdown period, for the garment manufacturers, it is a tough time to understand how to get orders, who is the right person to approach. It is more difficult for newcomers to sustain while top tire apparel manufacturing companies are reducing their production capacity. Many big factories are closing their factories due to the decrease in orders. In this current situation, digital sourcing platforms can help you in continuing your fashion manufacturing business or starting a new business in fashion manufacturing.

I am not sure how much business you will get from digital sourcing platforms. But you can register and test if this works for your business. By doing this you can show your presence on the digital platforms.

Digital Sourcing platform for manufacturers

The challenges in getting orders are not only during this pandemic, for many small businesses they face many challenges around the year.

Digital sourcing platforms can be another channel for getting business. You need to keep hope for business from the digital sourcing platform. 

Sewport, the digital sourcing platform, you can join as a manufacturer if you provide one or more of the following services - you are a garment factory, sampling studio, pattern cutter, graphic designer or tech pack maker, freelance consultant, sourcing specialist, fabric or trims manufacturer or any other garment production service company.

Digital sourcing platform for Buyers and Designers

I think digital apparel sourcing platforms are good for small designers and brands. They can start their business and get their designs manufactured from an experienced manufacturing company. The digital sourcing platforms ensure their manufacturer are trusted and comply with quality standards. You can see the factory capacity; you can see their business volume and certifications. You can choose the best supplier for your product and the sourcing country from where you need to source.

The benefit of using these platforms - you do not need to travel. This way you can source your garments in a more sustainable way.

Global fashion buyers can also take part in these digital platforms. For buyers, joining these souring platforms is free.  

Services provided by digital sourcing platforms

They enlist apparel manufacturer and their profile on the sourcing page.
Other than just list supplier companies, fashion manufacturers on the digital page, digital sourcing platforms provide various services. 
  • Few of them provide technical support for making tech pack. 
  • Sewport used to post projects (orders)
  • Common services are listed on the sourcing sites.

Digital sourcing platforms

I am aware of the following digital sourcing platforms that are currently active. Visit these platforms and explore more if the digital souring platform works for you. 

  1. Manufy
  2. Supply Compass
  3. Sewport

1. About Foursource:

Foursource, headquartered in Berlin, was founded by experienced technology innovators and industry experts. The management team around the CEO Godecke Wessel and CSO Jonas Wand contributes know-how from various fashion and e-commerce companies. Their aim is to make apparel sourcing less costly, safer and to provide solutions that enable all market players to substantially speed-up their cycle time. 

On the Foursource platform, buyers and manufacturers create a company profile, describe their business, define their product range, outline order profiles and add certification requirements or statements. A matching algorithm lists search results by relevance while additional filters allow members to select product categories, target groups, countries, required certification or even garment treatment types while looking for potential global partners. 

Company profiles can be checked in depth directly. The digital showroom feature provides an opportunity for suppliers to permanently display their best products and gives buyers a perfect overview of the production capabilities of a manufacturer, without travelling. Foursource is one of the largest market networks for global sourcing and simplifies the everyday life of garment buyers and manufacturers with a B2B network of around 40.000 companies in 100+ countries.

2. About

Manufy is an online marketplace that connects buyers to the best suited European manufacturers. Manufy lets you create your own business page where you can showcase your products and services, easily make or bid on quotations and show all your granted certifications.

Right now, finding new leads for your business or the right manufacturers for your innovative products might be quite a difficult task. Searching on the internet, traveling the world to exhibit on fairs or trying to get the hold on brands through social media might have been the best way for now. All these options can also be very time consuming, expensive, and might lead you into the wrong direction regarding customers or manufacturers. Besides, Asian counterparts have been developing their business at a rapid pace for the last 20 years. That is why we would like to introduce you to Manufy: Europe’s first sustainable sourcing platform!

How to Join a digital sourcing platform

When you visit one of these platforms, you need to join as a manufacturer or as a brand/designer/buyer. Sewport has a simple step to register for manufacturers (free to join).

(1) Sign up as a manufacturer 
(2) Fill out your business profile 
(3) Browse enquiries 
(4) Make a proposal 
(5) Get paid securely

Read the guide first before joining to these platforms. Some of these digital sourcing platforms have offices in India.