Circular Design Toolkit Launched by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Circular design toolkit

In the first week of August, Ellen MacArthur Foundation has launched a circular design toolkit.  This toolkit is designed to guide you through a selection of resources to learn, apply, and contribute to bringing circular design to life.

Within this toolkit, you will find a selection of curated resources to support you in your exploration and application of circular design. You’ll find links to online learning courses, conversations with experts, workshops, and methods, as well as online spaces where you can connect with other circular designers.

Explore the fundamentals: Learn about the circular economy and get inspiration from leaders working in different design disciplines, biomaterials, architecture, urban planning, and more.

Apply the principles: get to grips with the approach and get a sense of what designing for a circular economy can mean for your industry, work or research.

Connect with others: exchange ideas and inspiration with your peers, and get feedback on your circular design thinking and work.

Contribute and be part of the transition: Do you want to contribute to the acceleration of the transition? In this section, you will find different types of opportunities to be part of the global circular design movement.

Download the Circular Design Toolkit

Read more about this launch. 

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