How Many Garment Pieces can be Made from a Fabric Roll? Here is the Formula

Question: I need the formula to calculate how many garment pieces I can make from a fabric roll. Assume that my fabric roll length is 1200 meter (80 Kg). Fabric width 63 inches (1.6 meters). How many pieces I can make. Show me with formula.

The Basics of Fabric Consumption Calculation

To know the number of garment pieces you can make from the given fabric roll, first, you need to calculate fabric consumption per garment. Different garments have different fabric consumption. Also, fabric consumption will vary size to size for the same style.

Fabric consumption can be calculated by making garment patterns and a marker. You can make a marker for one size garment or using multiple sizes. For bulk production, you must make a marker with multiple sizes. This will give you average consumption. 

The second important parameter is fabric width and cuttable width. In your fabric consumption marker, try to utilize maximum fabric width-wise. If you do not utilize fabrics side-wise, that will be wasted. And by wasting fabric one the fabric edges, your consumption will be higher and fabric cost will be higher. 

You can reduce fabric waste by purchasing the most economical fabric width for your styles. 

If you are measuring fabric consumption in meters, you need to consider the linear length of the marker (in meter). Let's say fabric consumption per garment is 2 meters (including wastes).

Your fabric roll length is 1200 meters. So, you can make =1200/2 =600 garments for the given fabric roll. 

The formula for calculating a number of garments can be made from a fabric roll: 

Number of garment per roll = (Length of the fabric roll in meter/ Fabric consumption per garment in meter)

Note: Inside the roll, there may be fabric defects. In this calculation, we are not considering that fabric waste in counting garments.

If you need to make different sizes of garment: First calculate fabric consumption for each size and then calculate a number of garments can be made with the fabric roll by using the above formula.

For knitted fabrics (Hosiery fabrics) formula for calculating the number of garments per roll = (Weight of the fabric roll in Kg / Fabric consumption per garment in Kg)

Let say, fabric consumption is 150 grams per garment (0.150 Kg). Weight of your fabric roll 80 Kg 
Noumer of garments = (80/0.150)=  533.33 Pieces  

Number of garments made from fabric roll

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