Gap Launches B2B Sales of Non-medical Masks for Organisations

Apparel companies are adapting to the new consumer and safety needs brought on by the coronavirus by introducing face masks into their production line.

Gap Inc. a specialty apparel company, has launched a B2B product programme focused on offering large organisations high-quality reusable, non-medical grade cloth face masks to supply to their employees as they welcome them back to work. With the impact Covid-19 has on the world, Gap has worked quickly to serve customers in compelling and differentiated ways.
Non-medical cloth mask | Image source: Gap Inc

As employers look to provide their teams and customers with a safe and healthy work environment, Gap has leveraged its deep supply chain relationships and agile operations to provide companies in both the private and public sector with high-quality reusable, non-medical grade cloth face masks for their employees. To date, Gap’s recently-launched B2B face mask programme has sold approximately 10 million non-medical grade face masks to employers, including the City of New York, the State of California, Kaiser Permanente and a leading consulting firm.

“In the face of this pandemic, the Gap team was able to quickly respond to a customer need for masks. Since then, we’ve sold millions of non-medical grade masks to customers across our brands,” John Strain, head of e-commerce and technology at Gap, said in a press release.

“We quickly started hearing from companies like ours who wanted to be able to supply their employees with the same product, so we’re excited to extend our high-quality reusable, non-medical grade cloth face mask offering to organisations that want to help protect their employees as they re-enter the workforce,” Strain said.

Gap Inc. has already responded to the call to action by sourcing millions of non-medical masks and other personal protective equipment for the healthcare community, and the company’s family of brands have responded to the demand from consumers for everyday use, in partnership with medical experts. The company’s brands are also giving back, donating over 200,000 non-medical masks to community organisations, and donating to causes that help those in need during this crisis.

News Source: Gap Inc. Press Release

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