Resetting Global Supply Chain - India's Opportunities Post COVID-19 (Webinar Organized by NIFTA)

These days during COVID-19 lockdown, we are reading a lot of articles related to the global apparel supply chain, current state of the fashion supply chain, and questions on what will be the sourcing destination for global brands post-Covid-19. Today, I have shared a webinar record published on the YouTube channel.

This session was organized by the NIFTA (Nift Alumni Association) held on 26 April. This webinar focusses specifically on India’s role in the future fashion supply chain. A high-profile panel representing a variety of global perspectives discusses:
- How brands and retailers view India - India’s opportunities post-COVID and the positioning of India on global sourcing platforms - What suppliers should start investing in right now to come out successful

You can see the webinar panelist in the following banner.

Listen to the Webinar by clicking on the below video.


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