Why Digital Textile Printing Business is Soaring and Roaring High?

Why Digital textile printing

The printed fabric is not a newcomer but digitally printed textiles crossed the milestones within a short span of time since its commencement, capturing the attention of customers all around and now, there is no end of it.

What is Digital Textile Printing?

Digital textile printing is the art of getting a print - generated and designed from a computer using a textile design software, directly onto the fabric with the help of inkjet printers. A printable image of the design one wishes to get it printed on a piece of fabric is simply selected or uploaded and the colour information of which is read using a LAB or RGB system is then processed on any type of fabric which includes shirts, dresses, slacks, shorts, and fashion accessories or home textiles such as pillowcases, sheets, tablecloths, duvets, upholstery, or drape etc., with the desired colour via minuscule droplets of ink.

How Does Digital Fabric Printing Benefits?

Compared to traditional textile printing methods, digital fabric printing is much more advantageous in all terms. 
  • It is highly durable. The digitally printed fabrics have a longer life compared to the conventionally printed ones which fade away with frequent wash. 
  • It is highly affordable as it uses less space than the conventional rotary screen printing and there is no limit to the colour combinations one can use in digital printing.
  • It uses less power which means the energy consumption is very low.
  • Since it neither requires water for sublimation nor does there is any need to wash rotary screens in order to apply new colours using enormous amounts of water; there is a huge saving of water.
  • Overall it is low-cost because of lack of screen engraving and colour separation. There is also no need to produce and test screens for individual patterns which makes it very much cost-effective for smaller orders.
  • It provides high-resolution prints with accurate fine patterns in short-runs and fast-turnarounds.
  • It causes minimal wastage of ink and is eco-friendly as there is no disposal of excess dye and chemicals that harm the environment like that in rotary screen printing.

The Present and the Future

The current market of digital textile printing is growing at a surprising rate. With its worldwide market rising to €2.83 billion in 2018, the digital textile printing market is likely to double its value in 2023. 

Talking about the future, with people expecting things to be delivered at a lightning speed, the digital textile print sector is bound to soar and roar for the years to come.

Is it Worth to Invest?

It is quite natural to fear when it comes to investing in digital textile printing but, stay rest assured as every penny is worth in it because of the advantages it comes along with like mentioned above. And now, with the introduction of fabric design software, investing in it can double the returns for sure because the software provides the freedom of customization and personalization which every customer desire today.

The online digital fabric printing software is transforming the way textiles are printed and is in demand not just because of its personalization features but also due to its wide-format printing support, mobile-friendliness, multiple materials and size options, localized design studio, live preview and pricing, on-demand 3rd party image library integration and much more.

Digital Print in Fashion

Digital prints are taking over the fashion industry. With one’s personalised images, patterns, colours, texts, shapes, etc. people are slaying in self-designed fabrics with the help of fabric design software. 

Digital Printer Companies and Their Interest in Digital Textile Printing

Two world-famous digital printer companies like Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) and Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) already have their navy of printers designed for digital textile printing. Where Konica Minolta's Nassenger Series Inkjet Textile Printing Systems are gaining popularity, HP Inc has announced a new portfolio of digital textile printers, HP Stitch S500 and HP Stitch S1000, to reinvent the textile printing industry.

Popular Digitally Printed Textile Products

Digital textile printing is not just limited to garments and apparels like t-shirts, caps and headwear, sportswear, bags, jackets, uniforms, etc., today but has also extended to soft signage and visual communication products like banners, posters, point-of-sale/point-of-purchase (POP/POS) displays, indoor wall graphics, trade-show displays, outdoor advertising, backdrops etc., as well as decor items like curtains, drapes, furniture coverings, tables, chairs etc.

Bottom Line

Every nook and corner of textile printing is transforming due to the digital technologies and hence, there is going to be no end to the opportunities in digital textile printing. And, with the presence of reliable solution like fabric printing software, digital textile printing will undoubtedly keep on rising and shining high in the print market for a long run. 

So, if you too are planning to invest into digital textile printing, now is the time. Get a fabric design software from Design'N'Buy and get started. 

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