How to Calculate Hourly and Daily Target When Line Works at 45% & 60% Efficiency?

Rajib Asked: Garment SMV=11.25, Number of Worker=25, Hour=10. What would be the hourly and daily production target at 45% & 60% line efficiency?

Calculating hourly and daily production target when line efficiency is 45%

The given garment SMV is 11.25 minutes.
First, calculate garment SMV @45% efficiency. You know, SMV will be higher than 11.25 when efficiency is less than 100%.
SMV @45% = 11.25/45% = 25 minutes

Hour Target is calculated using this formula= (Available minutes in an hour / Garment SMV)

In this case, 25 workers are involved in making the garment, so the total available minutes in an hour would be 25 x 60 minutes.
Therefore, the hourly production target of the line @45% efficiency will be =(25*60/25) = 60 pieces 
The production line works 10 hours a day. So, the daily production target will be 10*60 = 600 pieces

The calculation is shown in a table
Production  target calculation

Calculating hourly and daily production target when line efficiency is 60%

Garment SMV @60% efficiency = 11.25/60% = 18.75 minutes
@60% efficiency, hourly target will be = (25*60/18.75) = 80 pieces
Production target in 10 hours would be 800 pieces (80x10)

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