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The Right Way of Solving a Problem

Whatever job we do at work, sometimes we face problems. Sometimes the computer does not work as expected. Sewing machines do not work as per expectation. The software or program does not work as expected. Local network or internet does work well. In such a situation how you fix the problem?  As a problem statement, I am talking about a system related problem.

The simple answer is - call the expert or customer support for help. What if you learn a few things to fix the common problems related to your work? I am meaning the tasks and troubleshooting that can be manageable and easily understood.

When we face a problem at work, we can't continue our work. We need to wait until the problem gets fixed. I am not telling to be expert in all areas, but you can include additional work in your bag to resolve the common issue by yourself.

Let me share one case.

Some of our clients call me when they face a problem (related to real-time shop floor control software). Normally, I advise them wha…

Fabric Roll Inspection in a Garment Factory

The fabric roll inspection processes including common textile testing followed by a readymade garment unit are listed and explained in this article.

Fabrics, for easier transportation, comes in the form of rolls or meter flat roll in export and production houses. This form of storage is more compact and sturdy making it easier for handling. But how is the fabric inspected before cutting and what the key checking points for the fabric to be accepted from the fabric supplier?

The apparel production houses receive fabric from the mills either in the final dyed or printed form or in the greige form. For greige fabric, no such inspection apart from checking of the weave/knit is done since it will go for further processing. For the dyed and printed fabrics, the following inspections are done to ensure that the fabric received from the supplier is acceptable.

Fabric GSM checkingPreparing fabric shade bandFabric shade variation Shrinkage testBowing testFabric defect checking (4 point system) …

TANTU is Organizing a Seminar on Jeans Manufacturing

According to Statista, a market research company, the global denim jeans market will generate around 129.8 billion U.S. dollars in retail sales by 2021, up from 100 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. The denim jeans market is a sub-category within the overall apparel market. As the global apparel market grows, it is unsurprising that the denim jeans market will also rise. Jeans are stable apparel product and considered as the most comfort clothing. With the popularity of the denim product, jeans are consumed by all age groups and sexes. The demand for denim clothing especially jeans are rising. There are few well-known domestic jeans brands with high presence of many international brands.

The 7th edition of TANTU seminar will roll out at the India International Center, New Delhi, on 14th September 2019. Over the years TANTU seminar has established itself as a focused product based seminar discussing critical issues pertaining to manufacturing. The theme of this year’s seminar will be ‘Jea…

Common Sewing Machine Problems, Its Causes and Remedies

Sewing machine as primitive as it may seem is one of the most difficult machines to master. Running at a speed of 3500 rpm, simple negligence can affect the stitch in the fabric which ultimately will lead to a compromise in the quality. When there is a defect in a garment, there must be a cause of it. Until we come to know the cause of defect generation, we call it a sewing machine problem. To take preventive action against these common causes, a machinist must know the possible remedies of the common causes.

It is rarely seen that there is a fault with the stitch due to malfunction in the machine. Most often it is caused due to rash actions of the operators only. But modern sewing machines are so made that only some fine adjustments can set everything right. Often it only takes is a simple check of the threading, machine components, thread tension to get the perfect stitch needed.

Following are some of the sewing faults and machine problems with its cause and the remedies as well.

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