Moving Bundles in the Assembly Section Seems a Difficult Job

Moving bundles in the assembly section seems an impractical task for many. Whether it is a trouser line, or shirt line or a t-shirt line, normally, operators try to avoid moving bundles in the production line.

There are some benefits of moving garments in bundles in a line from loading to the last operation of the style. But in practice, factories can't follow the bundle movement when garments enter into assembly section of the production line. Moving bundles in preparatory sections are okay.

I tried hard to explain line supervisors and engineers why they should follow bundle till pieces reach the output. All understand it but they convinced me why they should not/can't move bundle in assembly section. Here are few of them -
  1. Moving a single piece gives better productivity and convenient for workers. 
  2. In the assembly section, almost all garment parts are attached together in a single piece. so individual garments can be moved from one machine to another without any major issues.
  3. If operators first complete the bundle and then move the bundle to the next operator - it increases waiting time in the assembly section. 
  4. Operators and line supervisor concern about production - in open bundles (piece by piece movement), garments move faster to the end of the production line.
  5. Operators can save time in bundling opening and re-bundling activity  
  6. Multiple operators can work on the same bundle and move pieces faster to following operations.   
There should not be a rigid rule. Right?

The way the factory can achieve more should be allowed to do.

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