How Many Parts are There in a Men's Shirt?

A simple question for you - How many components (parts) are there in a men's shirt?
To make a shirt or doing product analysis of a shirt, you need to know how many components you need to cut to make the garment.

The number of parts and components in a men's shirt may vary - depending on the shirt design. You know men's shirt comes with 2 chest pockets as well as without a pocket. There are shirts with pocket flaps but some don't have pocket flaps. In this post, I will explain about the garment parts and garment components with an example. Read it and answer this question.

Men's shirt parts

Men's shirt parts

When we talk about the garment parts, we broadly name the garment parts. Like, we consider a collar as one part of a shirt. In a formal men's shirt, you will find below parts.
  • Front panel (left and right panels)
  • Back panel
  • Back Yoke
  • Front Placket
  • Collar
  • Cuff
  • Chest pocket
  • Sleeves
  • Sleeve plackets
A men's shirt collar is made of at least 6 components as followings
  • 2 layers in a collar (fabric)
  • 2 layers in a collar band (fabric)
  • 1 interlining for a collar 
  • 1 interlining for a collar band
Similarly other parts of a men's shirt made of more than one components. In back yoke, there are two plies of fabric, for cuffs total 4 fabric components 2 plies for each sleeve cuff. Though garment parts and garment components are used interchangeably.

Hope you got my point.

Below is the list of parts and number of components in a men's shirt.

Parts’ name (Men's shirt)
No. of components in each part
Collar and collar band
Cuff (2X2)
Front Placket
Back Yoke
Sleeve Placket
Chest pocket
Fusible interlining
Total number of components

In a sample shirt, I found a men's shirt is contains made of 9 parts, the shirt is made of 22 components excluding interlining and 26 components including interlining.

If your analysis gives you a different number, share it here.

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