The Beginner's Guide to Leggings Manufacturing eBook (Version 2)

The Beginner's Guide to Leggings Manufacturing (Version 2), the popular book of OCS publications,  has been released this week with a new cover design. In the new version, I have added a few more sections and expanded the existing sections.

Leggings Manufacturing book

Contents of this book include

- Introduction
- Know the Product (Leggings)
- The Manufacturing Processes
- Man, Machine & Material Requirement
- Setting Up the Factory
- Setting Up Systems
- Useful Technical Documents
- Quality Control
- Production Cost Control
- The Business Plan
- Questions from Readers

The length of the book: 48 pages (A4 size).

The existing customers of the Leggings Manufacturing eBook (PDF version) can ask for the new version, (free of cost) by writing a mail to me along with Instamojo receipt of the book purchase.

Hope you will love reading the new version. 

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