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Plus-Size Fashion Market – The Past, Present and Future

The guest author Sharfuddin Ripon has covered the topic Plus-Size Fashion Market very well. You will get many insights about the past, present, and future of the plus-size fashion market in the world.

What Lane Bryant started dated back in the 1920's is yet to home. The Size prefixed with `Plus` is still fighting to win hearts of wearers and the makers altogether. The segments belonging to plus-size have long been complaining about fencing them out by the industry venting out their utter frustration.

The industry, in response, until recently considered it a difficult market to fit in and so not worth of investments as well. Labeling the Plus Size label as discriminating to outdated to insulting, a growing number of women have long been asking to put an end to it. Some Fashion retailers separated plus-sizers out from the standard lines, some allotted a corner in their selling floors differentiating from the regulars, while some like Abercrombie & Fitch have abandoned or ignored…

Sublimation Printing Process (Heat Transfer Printing)

Transfer printing is the term used to depict textile and related printing forms in which the outline is first imprinted on to an adaptable non-textile substrate and later exchanged by a different procedure to a textile. It might be inquired as to why this shrewd course ought to be picked rather than straightforwardly printing the texture.

Present day sublimation innovation which has made it simple to enter the universe of computerized clothing printing. New advances in sublimation printing frameworks have yielded HD and photographic printing quality, a huge scope of hues choices, quicker printing and drying velocities and basic setups at our clients put.

Sublimation printing is a procedure that requires six principle elements -
Inkjet Printer, Sublimation Ink, Transfer Paper, RIP Software, Heat Transfer Machine and Fabric Heat exchange presses have been utilized for the color sublimation printing of polyester and different textures for more than 30 years.

The process is environmentally…

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