The Story of Indian Fashion e-Commerce Portals

Fashion eCommerce.

Indian retail industry has witnessed a major boost since the online shopping fever engrossed people of this generation. The coolest trend allows the shoppers to order anything and everything with just a few clicks. It has become an addiction with the launch of the Mobile Apps for all leading online shopping portals.

The growth of online fashion

The digital era has brought a significant change in everyone’s life. It became easier for the internet savvy generation to find anything under the sky using the mobile. Consequently, it leads to many developments in various sectors. A new window opened for the fashion retailers as well. Shopping and sweating used to be an inseparable combination before that and the shopaholic crowd couldn’t take it anymore. People have already accustomed with the doorstep delivery thanks to some food chains and when they got a chance to avail the same facility for the fashionable wear, they went crazy.

Online fashion stores started with a boom in India. The hoardings and advertising for the huge sale grabbed many eyeballs initially. People also pointed out the quality of the products that the shopping sites were offering at the lowest price. They got recognition when big brands started associating with them. To target their customers, they strategically implemented digital marketing.

The success arrived much later when they started their epic sale. It hit the bull's eye. From the teenagers to their grandparents, all started looking for online portals to bag the best deal. There’s no dearth of varieties in form of dresses on online sites. Some sites are totally dedicated for traditional outfits where you only can find sarees, suits, and lehenga choli for women and sherwani, kurta, pajama, and dhoti for men. Some stores are famous for selling western apparels and there are sites exclusively for lingerie as well. Believe it or not, online shopping sale has skyrocketed in last three years. As a result of it, big and renowned offline fashion stores are now focusing on their online sites and trying to establish their strong foothold in the Indian market.

The Indian market is a vast ground where the demand for ethnic and western are almost equal. To sustain here, in the long run, the online shopping sites are launching their products in a grand way featuring big stars from the Bollywood industry. Their main agenda is to grab the attention of their targeted people with lucrative offers. Needless to say, they are doing pretty good to boost their sale.

The advantages of online shopping:

Instead of store hopping and selecting the outfits after a hectic bargaining, people found online shopping more easily accessible. The store gives a fixed time to shop there and there’s always a rush to get into that. Occasionally there’s a sale and it becomes a challenge for the regular buyers to dig out the best dress as per the size. So the whole process takes a lot of time and energy while online shoppers are privileged to do it instantly. They have the option to filter their choices like fabric, color, price range, and size. Evidently, it becomes faster to get whatever you want with a few clicks.

Big departmental stores or shopping arcades are always crowded where finding something in your budget is like getting a lottery. On the other hand, online shopping sites are open 24x7 where you can select any items and keep it on your wish list if you can’t afford it now. They also allure customers with lucrative coupons and occasional discounts. More importantly, their marketing strategies are more effective as they target their customers using top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Suppose you are away and you want to gift your mom a new saree on her birthday, how will you surprise her? The online shopping is the easiest way to pamper someone special on his/her important day. Now sitting at New York, you can place an order which will be delivered in India within a specific time period. That’s the most amazing part of the online shopping portals. It expanded the shopping arena and became a shoppers’ delight.

Initially, people were reluctant to pay in advance for a product which they haven’t received yet. To put an end to their concern, cash on delivery (COD) mode was introduced. However, you can still pay the amount using your credit or debit card and it is safe. Here, the shoppers also get a chance to replace their purchased outfits within a certain period. Such customer-friendly features keep online shopping the first choice for the generation Y. Store hopping amidst the huge crowd is now a boring job.

The future of the fashion e-commerce

Following the emerging trend, anyone can predict the shining future of the e-commerce portals in India. However, to write a success story there are several crucial factors involved in it, starting from marketing to making it more accessible. If you start working on the graph, you will be surprised to see the rise but still at the end of fiscal the giant e-commerce portals’ financial reports state their loss. The amount that they invest for promotion and marketing is higher than their revenue. All big names in the race try to achieve their targets and to reach the highest point they will have to play all games with utmost perfection. Sustaining in the competitive market is not a joke.

Foreign investments change the whole scenario of online portals. Every start-up company needs a strong backup and without funding, it is impossible to grow in the Indian market. The key players like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Fashionbuzzer and Jabong to name a few have already established their strong foothold and now it’s time to see more new names to come and join the league.

The immense opportunity is waiting for the fashion retailers and it will be interesting to check out how they cater to the vast Indian market in the near future. The new competitors for the exclusive online store are the established retailing companies who have also entered into the online sector.

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