Fabric Inspection Machines for Textile Mills and Garment Manufacturers

A machine that is used for fabric inspection and fabric checking in the textile mills and in the garment production unit, is known as fabric inspection machine. The fabric inspection machines facilitate in fabric inspection process, by mechanical unrolling and rerolling of fabric. The fabric inspection machines also come with fabric length counter (length measurement), which measures fabric length while fabric checking is done.

Fabric inspection machine
A basic fabric inspection machine
Fabric inspections machines are equipped with all necessary features like tensionless handling, accurate length measuring, appropriate illumination, Straight roll selvedge, variable roll hardness, auto cutting of fabrics in case big rolls are converted in batch rolls. Machines are equipped AC motor thus ensuring saving of power.

Automatic fabric inspection machines are also available. I-TEX is an automatic fabric inspection system based on image understanding algorithms that imitate the human visual system.

Uster Fabriscan is another automatic inspection system for fabrics. Fabriscan establishes the characteristics of the fabric without defects, locates the defects in the fabric, marks them, records, stores, and analyses or classifies the information about the defects. The evaluation unit of the Fabricscan is based on the application of neural networks.

A fabric inspection machine is also available with 4-point system software (an attached device for data entry). By using this software, fabric checker can feed fabric faults in the system and enter penalty points for the specific fabric faults while checking fabric. Fabric quality data analysis becomes easier with this added feature.

Fabric inspection machines are available with various technical features and technical specifications. That is why, while selecting a fabric inspection machine you need to know the end use the machine in your company.

An example of machine technical specifications.
Viewing Glass– 72 x 21 inches
Max Fabric Width – 65 inches
Machine Speed – Variable up to 15 (meters/min)
Gears Motor– 1HP
Supply Voltage – 220V/50HZ/Single Phase
Dimensions (L x B x H) – 2000x1950x1750 (in mm)
Approximate machine weight – 450 Kgs

In the market, you will find many brands and manufacturers of the fabric inspection machines.

The good way to learn more about the fabric inspection machine and their features is to read the fabric inspection machine manufacturer's websites like Ramsons, and Paramount Instrument.

A Youtube video of fabric inspection machines is being shared here. Watch the following video to know how a fabric inspection machine work.


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