Fabric Inspection Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers

Recently I had published two articles on fabric inspection systems and fabric inspection machines. You already know that the fabric inspection machine is a primary equipment in the textile mills and power loom sector. As quality becomes essential the garment manufacturers also use fabric inspection machines instead of checking fabrics on a flat table.

List of popular fabric inspection machine manufacturers and suppliers based in India are listed on this page. In case you are a garment maker and looking for a fabric inspection machine, you can look at the machines provided by these fabric inspection suppliers and manufacturers

Ramsons have multiple products on fabric inspection machines including model numbers RFI 01, RFI 01E (Edge control feature), RFI 03E (Knit and woven fabric) and RFI 04E (Knits). Some features of the model RFI 03E include
  • Open width knit fabric inspection machine with pneumatic edge controlling.
  • Large viewing glass with two-way lighting system facilities for easy viewing and inspection.
  • Pneumatically controlled floating viewing glass.
  • Convenient hand pendant for easy immediate control to inch forward/backward.
  • CNC aligned rollers with shafts in perfect alignment for proper movement.
  • Motorized fabric rolled holding stand.
  • Emergency stop functions incorporated at easy to access positions.
  • Spreader roller incorporated for the machine
  • Fabric loose winding and tight winding system are provided.
  • The machines come fitted with a meter counter to check the fabric length.
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Paramount Instrument

Paramount Instrument is the leading manufacturer of textile testing instruments. They also have fabric inspection machines in various product models. The product is named as checkMASTER.

Fabcare Garments & Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd 

Features the Fabcare fabric inspection machines include

  • Specially designed machine for Inspection cum Rolling machine Fabrics up to 72 inches width.
  • Specially Designed Mechanism for Stretch Free Rolling of Fabrics.
  • Auto Edge Guiding Device with photo sensors for perfectly aligned fabric rolls.
  • Mechanical length counters up to five digits for Fabric Length Measurement.
  • Digital Control Panel with Inching Option.
  • Regulated Speed Control Device & Digital Fault Counter.
  • Emergency stop facility for safety.
  • Top & Bottom Illumination unit for thorough checking.
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Texmech engineers
Texmech has a number of fabric inspection machine models. Some of the features of the Texmech fabric inspection machine

  • Efficient inspection of medium & heavy quality fabric. 
  • Efficient inspection through top & bottom illumination. 
  • Tensionless movement of fabric on inspection table. 
  • Full forward & reverse run of fabric. 
  • Speed variable from 0 – 60 mtrs/ min. 
  • Compact & crease-free rolling on winding tubes. 
  • Max. roll diameter up to 1000 mm. 
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