Selection of Right Clothes for Yoga Class - What to Wear to Yoga

Yoga is good for health and mind. Many individuals practice yoga everyday and yoga has become a lifestyle. Many do yoga at home and others go to a yoga club or attend regular yoga classes for practicing and learning yoga. With all the diversity one thing is common - yoga clothes. A different set of clothes (other than the daily wear and office outfits) is worn in the yoga class.

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While I was searching for a guide on yoga clothes, I found some interesting and helpful articles around the internet. In this post, I have shared what the yoga experts say about yoga clothes.

1. What to Wear to Yoga //

Andrea Cespedes has explained it well that selection of yoga wear depends on the style of yoga class. Read her expert advice here.

2. What Should I Wear to Yoga Class? //

Daniel Scott has written a good post on kind of clothes you should wear to yoga class. Your clothes should be
  1. Light, loose fitting clothing but not too light and loose
  2. Don’t hide the body, just cover it
  3. Natural fiber or special anti-sweaty stuff
  4. Avoid excess baggage
  5. Avoid street clothes in public studios
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3. Secrets for choosing the right yoga clothes // Art of Living

According to Art of living, you need to consider following four things when you select a yoga wear.
  • Secret #1: Be yourself.
  • Secret #2: Choose yoga wear that hugs your body shape, and allows for easy movement.
  • Secret #3: Layering your yoga clothing beats yoga class microclimates.
  • Secret #4: With some skillful planning, yoga clothes can go from the yoga mat to the office.
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4. Yoga wear - Dos and Don'ts // Msn
Teresa Bergen has listed down 13 Dos and Don'ts in the yoga class. I have listed a few of those which are related to the selection of your yoga wear.
  • Mind the pants
  • Dress in layers
  • Don’t wear your goodwill rejects
  • Be mindful of fabric
  • Go midcalf
  • Follow tradition
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5. What not to wear to Yoga class / / Popsugar

Jenny Sugar has mentioned clothes that should not be worn in yoga class. She has explained issues with those clothes and then advised what to wear. The list includes -

  • Short Spandex and Loose Shorts
  • Cotton Undies
  • Thin or Holey Pants
  • Shirts that Don't Fit
  • Revealing Tops
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