Optimize Your Thread Spec Process by Colorlink App

The Colorlink App developed by world's leading sewing thread manufacturing company A&E. This App would help you to optimize your thread spec process.

Colorlink App by A&E

Know about the Colorlink App and its features.

Colorlink doesn’t just identify color - it links you directly to the thread color experts, A&E. The A&E Colorlink App connects your entire team across the production process providing the right colors, so that finished garments always tell the right story.

The A&E Colorlink App makes the process of selecting from thousands of industrial thread colors fast and easy. Available for both Android and iPhone, you can optimize your thread color process, directly from the A&E Colorlink App:

  • Specify thread color with ease
  • Create personal thread color collections
  • Locate complementary thread colors
  • Build and compare thread color on virtual stitch types and different fabric backgrounds
  • Instantly share your project details with colleagues and vendors
  • Request thread color samples for confirmation
  • Contact A&E global representatives
No matter where you are in the world, A&E is within reach to help you innovate, create and deliver with the A&E Colorlink App.

Watch the following video to know more about colorlink app.

Video source: What is Colorlink? from A&E on Vimeo.

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Available for both Android and iPhone, the A&E Colorlink App makes finding and selecting industrial thread colors fast and easy. And, the A&E Colorlink App supports the advanced handheld color technology of the COLORCATCH NANO companion device to automatically identify color with one touch.

To download the Colorlink app, colorlink user guide, training videos, and A&E Colorlink App FAQs see the Colorlink Page.

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