Jack Special Sewing Machines and Model Numbers

Jack is one of the leading industrial sewing machine manufacturers based in China. With the common industrial sewing machines Lockstitch, overlock and interlock machines they have special machines. The special machines and model number is listed here.

Sewing machine

1. Electronic Bartacking & Button Attaching Machine
Model: JK-T1900BSK

2. Electronic Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine
Model: JK-T1790B

3. Programmable Electronic Large Area Pattern Sewing Machine
Model: JK-T10080

4. Power Saving Flattop Buttonholing Machine
Model: JK-T781D

5. Integrated Electronic Buttonholing Machine
Model: JK-T781E

6. Integrated Electronic Button Attaching Machine
Model: JK-T1377E

7. Power Saving Chain Stitch Machine
Model: JK-8558WD

8. Automatic Placket Setting Machine
Model: JK-T5878-58BQ

9. Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine
Model: JK-T3020K

10. High Speed Feed-off-The Arm Machine
Model: MJK-T9270-2PL

Image source and information source: http://en.chinajack.com/products