Current Minimum Wages in India 2017, State Wise

The textile and apparel sector is a labor intensive sector. The minimum wages of the garment industry workers play a major role in product costing and the factory running cost (Employee salary and wages) which in turn affects the product FOB.

In this post, the revised minimum wages of the garment industry workers in India is shared. In India, different states have different daily minimum wages for the shop floor workers. Also, workers are categorized in different skill levels. States included in this sheet are - Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Gujarat, Andra Pradesh.

This page has covered minimum wage data for a few states. The wages are summarized as a daily or monthly total in different categories.

The following data will help you comparing minimum wages of different states in India.
Minimum wages in India 2016
State government updates the minimum wages of workers in each year. Some states revised the minimum wages it half-yearly or quarterly. Workers are generally categorized as Unskilled, Semi-skilled and Skilled. Though categorization may vary state to state.