Direct Garment Printers

Printing is one of the components of garment manufacturing. You can say part of the garment business. Starting an apparel brand goes a long way from concept to consumer. The lead time needed for converting a product from the concept to the consumer has come down with the innovations of machines. Digital textile printers, also known as direct garment printers one such technology, that help brands to bring the printed apparel products in the market quickly and with a better quality of prints.

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If you are running a t-shirt business or custom print t-shirt business, you might be thinking of reducing your production time and finding a flexible printing solution. A digital garment printer is a solution to your need.

There are many good brands for digital apparel printers (direct to garment print), like Anajet, Epson, Omniprint, Kornit, and Brother. We are just sharing the technology of direct garment printing.

Image source: Brother

In this post we have shared the features and benefits of Brother direct garment printer.

Benefits Of Brother DTG Printers:

  • Achieve high-resolution, crisp graphic detail with full-color capability
  • Eliminate the cost-to-color ratio with other printing methods
  • Enjoy the flexibility of printing one-off pieces, as well as medium and full production runs
  • Offer customized products and build a loyal customer base
  • Expand design location possibilities with ease, printing over zippers, seams and more
  • Create diverse products on a wide variety of materials

Brother DTG GT-361 Printer

About the GT-361 Printer

  • The industrial print heads print at up to 1200 dpi, resulting in a clear, crisp print.
  • Using the higher viscosity GT inks, the GT-3 series allow for both the white underbase and CMYK inks to be printed in one pass, allowing for better registration and increase in productivity.
  • Print heads are positioned further away from the substrate, allowing for printing over bulky items including seams, zippers, pockets and other soft goods.


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