Different Types of Sewing Machines used for Hemming Operation

Hemming is a very common operation in making garment. The finished edges like bottom opening, sleeve opening of a garment is called hem. And the process of making the hem is known as hemming. Like bottom hemming of a shirt, and sleeve hemming of T-shirt. Hemming is done by folding the edge and stitched by sewing machine. Edge folding might be a single folded or double folded. 

Hemming in shirt bottom and shirt sleeve

In mass production, almost all kind of hemming operation is done by using industrial sewing machines. So what types of machines are used for hemming different apparel products? We will discuss it here.

Machines used for hemming operation

2/3 Needle Flat lock: Normally a 2 needle flat lock stitching machines are used for hemming knits products for both bottom hemming and sleeve hemming. This machine also known as cover edge machine. See the example of T-shirt bottom hem and T-shirt sleeve hem. A 3 needle flat lock machine is also used for this operation in knits products.
Sleeve hem done by using flat lock machine

Flat lock machine

Lock stitch machine: For woven products like shirt, blouse, uniforms, skits bottom hemming is done by single needle lock stitch machine. Normally attachments (hemmer) is used  for bottom hemming  operation. This attachment improve the quality of the operation and accuracy in maintaining hem width.
Lock stitch machine

Over lock machine: If it is not a folded hem and only serging of bottom opening is done with edge stitch machine. For example, trousers leg opening is edge stitched (serge) by over lock machines.
Over lock machine
In case hemming is done in garment following are the alternative options for cleaning edges. Attaching ribs by over lock machine in sleeve and bottom.

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