Difference between Knits Garment and Woven Garment

Our garments are mostly made from either knits fabrics or woven fabrics. Garments those are made from knitted fabrics are known as knits garments and garments those are made from woven fabrics are woven garments. Garments like t-shirts, polo shirts, inner-wear like briefs, panties, bra, sweaters, and hoody are example of knitted garments. Formal shirts, trousers, denim jeans, suits, chiffon and georgette dress are example of woven garments.

Following product images taken from Google search would help you to understand the difference between woven and knits garments.
Woven garments

Knits garments
Now question is what the difference between knits and woven fabric? To identify a woven or knits garments you must know the basic difference between woven and knits fabric. I have explained the difference between knits and woven fabric in this post. Read it to learn the difference. 

Knits and woven garments can be compared as following:
1. Knits garments are soft and comfortable compared to woven garments
2. Knits garments are more stretchable compared woven fabrics
3. Woven garments are stiffer compared to knits products

In the clothing stores, knits garments are called as hosiery garments. Woven fabrics are called as cotton fabrics. I don’t want to confuse you with fabric category and its fibre content. Remember other than cotton fibres woven fabrics are made from many others fibres like polyester, nylon, viscose silk, wool etc.

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