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IE's Role and Responsibility in Various Positions

It is important to know your role to accomplish the maximum task and get motivated to work. Do you have this in your factory for your department and for your profile?

An industrial engineer of a garment export house based in Bangalore shared job responsibility of IE department followed by the company. See what they do to manage and control garment production and improve the production process. Just in case, if you don’t have defined roles and responsibilities for IE department in your factory you can follow this.

1. IE Manager's Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Follow up with all concerned for pre-production activities

2. Ensure that similar styles are planned for lines. (Example: fashion shirt should not be loaded basic shirt line)

3. Ensure sample is stitched by the supervisor and critical operations are identified.

4. Discuss with the technical person and develop folders/profiles to simplify operations.

5. Discuss layout with production manager (PM), factory in-charge (FI) and Ju…

What Construction to Use to Get 110 GSM Fabric in Rayon?

One OCS reader asked this question: "I need to source rayon fabric 45s fabric that has at least 110gsm. How best should I achieve this? I have heard of people say that (1) achieve it through 100x80 construction but using your computation, it seems that i will not be able to achieve it (2) to do some sort of wash finish (since rayon shrinks) to achieve this."

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