Measurement Grading Rule for Top and Bottom Garments

Is there any standard rule for grading garment patterns from one size to the next size?

I am not sure.

I am writing this post to reply to the following question asked by two OCS fans. I will try to show here how to find grading for different sizes by referring to existing size charts. Also shared articles from others’ work for your further reading.

Question: We all know that garments are available in different sizes like small, medium, and large (SML). I want to know what the grading rule is for the Top and Bottom apparel products? 
It is a very critical subject for learners. Grading for major point-of-measures like chest/waist/hip/ shoulder/ front rise etc.
Can you help to solve and advise on this topic? Any kind of involvement will be appreciated.

To find the answer to this question, I did research on the internet and found very limited help.

Brands follow different grading standards for different products. See this document that shows brand PVH measurement charts. Grading standards followed by brands are different from one brand to the other. There might be a rule for this grading to guide newcomers to develop measurement sheets as well as make products with the correct fit.

Yes, there are some books on this. You can refer to grading standards from ASTM international.

In my college days, I did one minor research on measurement comparison for shirts from various brands. I prepared measurement sheets and did a comparative study for measurements. Read this post to learn more. I have shown measurements for 3 sizes (40, 42, and 44) for full sleeve formal shirts. From these measurements, you may find some grading references.

How can you find grading measures for your product line? 
Follow these steps:

1. Collect spec sheets (Measurement charts) for various products from a couple of brands (Choose domestic brands if you will be making garments for the domestic market). Choose brands as many as possible.

2. Calculate pattern grading from one size to the next size for all products.

See the following example of one graded size chart for a slim Fit full sleeve shirt.

Graded measurement sheet for full sleeve shirt Trim Fit
(Note: There might be variation in measurement between body measurement and size chart)

Further reading and resources:
How to get sizing and grading standards // Fashion-incubator
Pattern Grading and sizing // clothingpatterns101

You can refer to this book for grading patterns and size.

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