3D Trial Room App Developed by Trupik Connect

Trupik Connect, a two-year old start-up uses 3D Body mapping to help you try on multiple garments virtually.

Having partnered with the company, four men's wear brands including Indian Terrain, Raymonds, Wills Lifestyle and Allen Solly, has launched the Trupik kiosks at their Brand Stores in Hyderabad, taking the pilot live.

This application is using Microsoft Kinect, a depth sensing camera which takes multiple reference points of your body, creating your virtual avatar. Through the app, consumers can see how multiple sizes and fabrics drape on them. Users can pick the selected merchandise from store or ask for home-delivery.

image source: Trupik.com

More about Trupik App from Trupik

Trupik app for Consumers/user:

Imagine an experience that lets you engage with your favourite brands on your terms. One that revolves around you, your convenience and everything you love about shopping. That’s exactly what TRUPIK CONNECT is about — a unique, highly personalised shopping experience in the virtual world that keeps you connected to your favourite stores. It lets you shop for your favourite styles from wherever you are, try on clothes with real-time draping and even share your choices with friends. Besides, you also get personalised recommendations from store associates along with the ability to interact with them, by setting aside options you may want to see in person.

Trupik app for Brands/Retilers

TRUPIK helps you reinvent your retail and meet the expectations of today’s connected consumers. The company is helping you to stay relevant in the digital era by blending your online-offline channels and creating an experience that is rich, consistent and seamless. One that allows consumers to engage with your brand on their own terms, while helping you become more efficient, productive and future-ready.

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