What is Inline Finishing Production System in Garment Industry

Where garment finishing is done in production line by installing finishing and packing workstations, is known as inline finishing production system. This kind of production lines is known as online finishing production system. Normally finishing workstation is placed at the end of the sewing line. Finishing workstation includes activities like
  • Thread trimming
  • Garment checking (visual checking and measurement checking)
  • Ironing garments and 
  • Folding, tagging and packing
Where needed , washing machines are also installed in the production floor. Therefore in an inline finishing production system, cuttings bundles are loaded at the start of a line and you get finished and packed garments at the end of the line. This is new format of an assembly line. See the following diagram for inline finishing production system.

By following this production system you can reduce throughput time and improve response to the market. The inline finishing production system is very useful for short production runs and orders those don't required washing.
Line layout for inline finishing production line

Benefits of in-line finishing system

There are many benefits of having inline finishing production system. Some of those are

1. Production and finishing can be done in a same day
2. No storage requirement between stitching and finishing process
3. Quick response to market
4. Reduced production throughput time
5. Each sewing line will have independent finishing workstations.

What to change in the existing assembly line needed to convert it in line finishing production system?

To convert exiting assembly line into inline finishing line, you have change its layout.

  • You have to install ironing table and steam line to supply steam to ironing tables.
  • All task of the finishing section to be done in the sewing line itself. So add workstations for thread trimming, garment checking, Ironing and folding and packing
  • Finishing capacity must be balanced with sewing output. Finishing capacity at all sub-processes - thread trimming, checking and ironing.
After Lean manufacturing the current trend (of production system) is in-line finishing production system. I heard about this production system in 2009 while visited a new set-up in Manesar, India. I have also seen this system running successfully in a knit factory making garments for international brands in Noida, India. A good production system for making products like T-shirts, Polo, Boxers, Capri those don't need to wash before finishing.

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