OCS Reading Roundup:Textiles, Apparels and Fashions

Just sharing a list of few articles from various blogs and website for your weekend reading. Topics are randomly chosen but interesting. Reading is important for us as there are many things to learn. Do you struggle to find good and interesting reading content? Check these articles.

1. Denim Washing – Basic Steps and Guide // Denimandjeans.com

Some important steps in the process of Denim fabric washing include Pretreatment (Desizing, Rinsing, Scouring etc), Enzyme or Stone-wash, Clean up to adjust the desired effect, Bleaching, Tinting / Dyeing and Softening & Much more.

2. Cutting room consultancy: Fact over fancy // Fibre2fashion

This article covers various ways to save fabrics with a case study of a Bangladeshi ready-made garment factory. Mausmi Ambastha, co-author of this article has mentioned technology solution to reduce fabric wastage and improve saving money by saving fabric.

3. 100% of 100 Facts about Cotton //icac.org

Cotton plays an important role in our lives. We are rarely very far away from something made of or containing cotton. In clothing, linens, furniture, mattresses, vehicles, dollar bills and much more, cotton is always around us.
Cotton is the most abundantly produced natural fiber in the world. Over 82 million tons of textile fibers were consumed in 2013, of which cotton accounted for 30%, chemical fibers, 68.6% and all other natural fibers less than 2%. In 2013, cotton represented 96% of all natural fibers consumed at the mill use level.

4. Anti-pilling Finish // the smart time

You might be experienced that in some garment surface fibres forms small balls. These small balls are known as pills and processing is called as pilling. These pills are unpleasant to wearers and mostly found in sweaters, t-shirt. We don't like pills on the garment surface. How to get rid of these pilling? Author of this article explained few anti-pilling finishes that can help to reduce pilling in garments.