IntelloCut - a Software that Saves Fabric

About intelloCut

intelloCut is an enterprise material management system for the sewn product industry. It saves direct raw material, effort and time at multiple stages of production. intelloCut software is developed by Threadsol Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

On an average intelloCut has proved to save around 10% of the raw material, accruing an incremental growth in net profit by upto $ 10 Million per annum for enterprises.

Software Features

The prime features of intelloCut are as following.

Accurate Estimations:
  • IntelloCut helps to estimate fabric requirement accurately with the help of its advanced algorithms and actual data analysis. 
  • Buy fabric exactly what you needed - no more, no less and least wastage.
  • Generates the most suitable and optimized cutplan from millions of possible combinations. In just one click!
  • The solution has been specially designed to handle multiple colors, multiple fabrics, large quantities, large number of sizes and quantities with no ratio
  • intelloCut provides options to enter preferred markers; make manual changes and reuse historical data from a library of markers.
Fabric Grouping
  • Groups similar width, shade and shrinkage in order to ensure high standards of quality and increased profitability.
  • User can choose multiple levels of grouping based on fabric width, shade, shrinkage (length and width) and fabric delivery dates 
  • intelloCut also provides specialized grouping for stock fabrics to ensure minimum groups considering first in first out (FIFO) based fabric storage duration. 
  • User friendly drag and drop based editing options for manual changes in fabric grouping.
Roll Allocation
  • Allocates fabric rolls in a single click. Analyzes, creates and re-adjusts to ensure minimum end-bits and wastage.
  • Plans fabric till the last end bit easily yet effectively with just a single click of a button.
  • Gives complete control over factory's practices by getting real time status and complete tracking.


Few screenshot of intellocut software are shown below

Quick Plan Screen

Reports: Estimated Fabric consumption

Report: Fabric reconciliation

About Threadsol Softwares
Established in 2012, Threadsol Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is an organization with a unique combination of apparel production experts and software professional working together to bring innovative technologies to the manufacturing sector to enhance efficiency, sustainability and profitability. 

The company started with their revolutionary flagship product, intelloCut which has been tested and used in 6 countries and over 50 factories across the world. ThreadSol is now officially launching their second product for the Sewn Product Industry, intelloBuy.

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