Listen, Learn, Implement and Improve

You are reading a lot in OCS.

Today I like you to listen from garment industry experts spoken on various topics to improve your business performance.

I am sharing here YouTube videos (playlist) taken from OGTC conference. These are a collection of videos (presentations) from last few years conference. These videos are uploaded by OGTC GIZ Wazir. They did a very good job by uploading such valuable videos on YouTube and giving free access to all.

Watch videos and take valuable notes. Apply to your factory. Bring changes. Enjoy benefits!

Few interesting topics to watch from the playlist
  • Incentive Scheme - Helping to make competition irrelevant by Roger Thomas
  • Industrial Engineering: New Thinking by Prabir Jana
  • Lean Manufacturing Case Study by Charles Dagher
  • Operational Excellence - A Manufacturing Perspective by Lal Sudhakaran
  • Future Glimpse of Apparel Merchandising by YK YIP
  • Demystifying Lean by Rajesh Bheda and Paul Collyer
  • Building Efficiency by Ranjiv Kapur
  • and more 
Click here to open playlist

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