Productivity Study of Shirt Manufacturing (Survey)

Last week I was in a meeting with a group of Garment Industry Professionals. We were discussing about the possibility of shirt production per machine per day for a new start-up company. In the discussion we got productivity figures like 8-20 shirts per machine per day (8 hours shift day). The BIG question is what productivity to be considered.

I did quick research on net and found that Laguna Clothing, a Bangalore based shirt manufacturing company makes 3200 pieces with 200 sewing machines in one factory and 7200 pieces with 350 sewing machines in another factory. That means machine productivity of that company is 16 and 20.6 respectively. Operator productivity of Madura Garments Exports is 11 pieces  in conventional line and 18 pieces in lean module.

I know many of you are working in shirt factories. What is your experience about the productivity level of factories those make shirts (Casual and Formal)?

At Online Clothing Study, we are conducting a survey on Shirt Productivity. We request you to participate in this survey. Please feel free to fill up the following survey form. We would not share your personal information. What will only share summary of the survey with all of you.

Thank you very much for participating to this survey.

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