Juki's Knowledge Center Revealed

There is no end to learning. I continuously hunt for knowledge sources on the web to gain more and more knowledge. Today I discovered one such valuable resources and sharing it with you. It is Juki's web Magazine.

You may already hear about Juki, the world leader in sewing machine technology. Following articles are picked from old magazines, but still, these are a valuable piece of knowledge sources.

Learn basic things about industrial sewing machines. Start reading valuable contents by connecting to the following links and gain some knowledge.

Sewing machine by Juki

I have picked 5 topics for you. There is articles and case study on managing sewing floor, line layout, Promoting 5S in sewing factories etc. On each title, lists of subheadings have been added.

Enjoy learning!

1. Functions and utilization of the sewing machine with an automatic thread trimmer

  1. Basic functions of the lock stitch machine with a thread trimmer
  2. The lock stitch machine with a thread trimmer is evolving
  3. Effects of the introduction of the lock stitch machine with a thread trimmer for sewing plants

2. Basic knowledge of presser foot, Feed dog and Throat plate

  1. Role of feed
  2. Type of feed
  3. Type of feed dog teeth
  4. Feed dog teeth configuration
  5. Height and Inclination of Feed dog 

3. Basic Knowledge about Over Lock Machine Presser foot for over lock/ Safety stitches machine

  1. Over lock presser foot
  2. Safety stitch presser foot
  3. Role of the stitch tongue
  4. Special-purpose presser foot

4. Basic Knowledge about Over Lock Machine Throat Plate for the Over Lock Machine

  1. Different types of over lock machine
  2. Kinds of throat plate for the over lock machine
  3. Configuration and function of throat plate
  4. Stitches produced by over lock machine

5. Basic Knowledge about Over Lock /Safety Stitch Machine:  Various Device and Attachments

  1. Chain-off thread trimming device
  2. Chain-off thread suction device
  3. Auto lifter 
  4. Gather device
  5. Blind hemming device
  6. Cloth edge guide ruler
  7. Tape guide
  8. Binder
You can also download magazines (pdf) Vol. 1 to Vol.7 and read other articles. Find the download links here.

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