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Clothing business in UK trends in many textiles, footwear and fashion industry making it one of the best business ideas which are really paying. The UK fashion market is extensively known for its astounding players like Marks & Spencer, Asos, Burberry, Super group and Mulberry among others who have great impact in the clothing industry. Production of quality and standard fittings has been given a higher priority and stakeholders are doing all they can to ensure this requirements are met so as to maintain their customers loyalty and satisfaction ranging from men’s suits, women and kids clothes as well as footwear. According to the European Union [EU] statics, United Kingdom comes third behind Italy and Germany.

UK household consumption Expenditure on clothing:

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Statistics show that British consumers spend over € 900 on fashion only which is slightly above EU average of € 700 annually. Precisely, United Kingdom household consumption on footwear and clothing is estimated at € 59 billion which showcases the great potentiality and significance of this industry to the government and other investors. As a matter of fact, the fashion and clothing industry in UK contributes an estimated value of £ 21 billion to the economy; this is in accordance to the report released by the landmark few hours before the launch of the London fashion week.

Enterprise option for clothing business:

Clothing businesses in UK depicts several methods of selling out their products including the most common ones such as the manufacturing, wholesale and retail. For the potential investors who are eying to start up a clothing business in United Kingdom, they can find out more on the requirements for startup of each category and categorically be able to decide on the best one which will suit them. This may be inclusive of other trading agency requirements and tax payment authorities as well as other external forces requirement such as tourism industry which has much impact on the clothing business especially in London.

Clothing business employment opportunities:

The number of employees working in the fashion and clothing industry in UK greatly supersedes other major industry including vehicle industry, IT and telecommunications companies all combined together. Statistically, UK clothing, textile and fashion sectors are source of income to over 600 thousand people who work here in different capacities depending on specialization and skills. Starting a clothing business in UK will eventually see a rise in these figures as more people continue to secure more stable employment in this industry.

Clothing business Internet marketing:

Online fashion marketing has recently boomed and most consumers prefer to purchase their clothes and other fashion accessories online form well-established retailers such as Amazon. This platform is preferable as it enables them to be able to compare prices online, bargain and probably make an order which can be shipped sometimes free to their addresses. This aspect led to the generation of an estimated value of £ 4.1 billion in 2009 which was an increment of 26% realized in 2008.

Challenges facing clothing business in UK:

Some of the challenges facing the clothing business in UK include lack of proper business skills as exhibited by small business enterprises and breathe taking competition from international catwalks.

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