'Code of Conduct' for Garment Suppliers

Updated on 19th Nov. 2019
Code of conduct by apparel brands

Garment exporters those work with international brands and Big Names need to meet 'Code of vendor Conduct' provided by the buyer to do business with them.

What 'code of conduct' most apparel buyers look for from their supplier factories? You may hear those many times but not sure what those 'Code of Conduct' are.

You may be seen the Display board where apparel suppliers display the list of "Code of Conduct" in the factory premises. But what those codes actually mean?

In this post, you will get the 'Code of Conduct' those are required to do business with international apparel buyers and a link to get GAP's 'Code of Vendor Conduct' document.

#1. Compliance with Laws: Factories must be compliant with the laws of the respective country.

#2. Environment

#3. Labour: This Section of conducts includes the following code.
  • Child Labor, Forced labour, 
  • Discrimination in male and female labour, 
  • Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • Wages and Benefits
  • Minimum wages etc.
  • Working hours
#4.  Working Conditions (Occupational heath and Safety)

A detailed explanation of the above codes can be found on the GAP's 'Code of Vendor Conduct'

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