Use of the Display Board on Sewing Floor and Its Advantages

Question: What are the advantages and usefulness of the information board at the end of sewing line? What information should it have on? ... asked by Phakdey Keo
Production board in sewing floor
Production Board at the end of line on Shop floor

An information board aka display board is used to display information of sewing lines, like production status, various performance reports, performance trend charts etc. Information boards are normally hanged on the wall of shop floor or on a pillar.

A display board is made of white board marked with columns and rows or a pin board. Production writer writes production information on this board hourly or at a certain intervals with markers. Multiple lines’ production can be displayed in one production board or each line may have separate production board. In the pin board printed reports and charts are displayed.

Most common display board found in the garment manufacturing factories is the Hourly Production Report.

Advantages of Display Board:

Visual display is one of the techniques of Lean manufacturing. An information board at the end the sewing line is application of such lean tool. A display board contains wide range of information. Few major benefits of the display board are listed below.

  • Everybody of the floor can see production status and line performance on the information board. Display board helps managers to monitor line supervisors. Managers don’t need to ask supervisors each time they need to know line’s output. They can look at the display board and can have all information. Even production managers keep one production board in their cabins.

  • Hourly production reports alarm line supervisors that how far they are behind the target production. Sewing operators also come under pressure when display board shows lower production than the target one.

  • Information associated styles such as style no., buyer name, total order quantity are also displayed in hourly production report.

  • When buyers visit your factory and see display boards with production information, they become confident that they are working with a well managed company.

Display Board Information

A display board can include various kind of information. List of information or reports that can be displayed in white board and on Pin board have been listed below.

  • Line wise today’s number of sewing operators and helpers working in the line, order no. or style name that is running in the line, name of the Line supervisors and maintenance personnel.

  • Line layout with machine name (Printed sheet)

  • Today’s Hourly line output (production) data

  • Loading of cuttings for today and WIP in the line

  • Yesterday’s line output, efficiency and productivity report

  • Trend chart of the efficiency information of the current month

  • Display of KPIs achieved Vs Goal

  • End of Line quality performance trend chart

  • List of top 5 performers of the line or floor with their photograph

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