Quality Manuals, Quality Procedures and Quality Standards of Top Apparel Brands

Apparel Buyer's Quality Manual is one of the important resources to set up quality system in garment manufacturing factories. Quality manuals are also very useful to understand product quality requirement of a brand.

In this post I have shared 7 different buyer's quality manual. I found these quality manuals in Baidu and Srcibd. You may find useful information in these manuals.
Apparel brand's quality manual
Following manual includes information of quality procedures of various departments, How to measure guide, Compliance requirement, Code of Conducts, Audit procedures, Inspection system with formats.

You can read and download all these manuals. To read documents click on the titles.

#1. Ann Taylor Procedures Manual: Finished Apparel Product Visual Standards and Inspection Procedures

This document contains following topics

#2. Apparel Quality Management Resource 

H&M’s infrastructure for the auditing and improvement of working conditions in supplier factories. This Document contain following topics.

#3. JC Penny: Fabric Processing Procedures for Fabric Suppliers

This document contains following topic
Quality manual content list
This document contains following topics.
  • What is GPQ? Why have H&M published GPQ? And
  • Sample procedure, 
  • How to measure, 
  • Colour 
  • Lighting 
  • Fabric and yarn 
  • Trimmings 
  • Production 
  • Finishing 
  • Packing 
  • Inspections
Update: This pdf document is removed from slideshare. 
I am sharing another source (wenku.baidu.com) for H&M quality manual:  Quality Standard and Requirements (1 July 2009)

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