Design and Development of Anti-molestation Jacket – An innovative, commercially viable and best research work done by NIFT students

Techno Summit, an award distribution function for the graduating students was held by NIFT, New Delhi. There I observed an interesting thing that a single research project grabs all three awards.

This project is done by Nishant Priya and Shahzad Ahmad, B.F. Tech students of NIFT, New Delhi. They had initiated this project with an objective to design and development of an anti-molestation jacket which would provide the wearer safety against unsolicited physical contacts and would ward off the molester by giving a mild electric shock.

“The project has been successfully completed and college has applied for patent”, as said by Bhavna K. Verma, Center Co-coordinator, BFT, NIFT, New Delhi. Every year NIFT gives awards to the final year students after completion of their graduation project in three categories- Best project, Most Innovative Project and commercially most viable project. The duo received all the awards for the unique and innovative work. Their project work may bring a new product line in the ward robe which will safe girls and women from the attack of a molester.

As mentioned by Nishant Priya and Shahzad Ahmad, their development will have following characteristics.
  1. Jacket will give mild sock which is good enough to induce a molester loss of control.
  2. Weight of the jacket is comparable to 12 ounce denim jacket. 
  3. Wiring circuit is detachable. Jacket can be washed. 
  4. The manufacturing cost of the jacket is less than INR 1500.00 
NIFT - National Institute of Fashion Technology

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