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1. Amit Khatuwala asked
Pls advise about the various light sources (like D60, fluorescent etc) and their specifications for testing the knitted fabric and making lab dips. 

Light sources by which we check the shade are generally D65(equivalent to day light),TL84(equivalent to Tube light).Apart from those, lots of light sources (TL83,ULTRA VIOLET,COOL WHITE,U30 etc) are available in the market.As per buyer requirement we have to check the shade in that specified light. 

For checking the color fastness properties we generally use Xenon arc which is very similar to day light. Apart from that we use MBTL & carbon arc. Fading unit is AFU. We generally check by 5 AFU (approx. 4 hour fading),10 AFU (approx 8 hours), 20 AFU (Approx 16 hours). Every buyer specify their light source, time & requirement. 

Before production starts every mills dye a swatch in their lab to fix color recipe. When that matches with the actual swatch they start their production. Please note that shade should be matched in buyer specified light. That lab produced swatch is being called as lab dip.

Answer by Saumyadip Santra

2. Atiqur Rahman asked
I want to complete a course on GSD.

GSD course or certification is provided by GSD team. To become a certified GSD practitioner contact to gsdhq directly. GSD generally provides training to a team/group in a region. For further detail about their training program in your region/city contact them at this link.

3. Prashant Singh asked
How to Calculate throughput time for suit?

1. Normally throughput time is considered as the time required - "from loading first bundle to the line to get first garment out from the line" 

2. Actual throughput time: It should be calculated once line starts producing garments. you can measure it just by an observation. Mark a piece/bundle (with colored sticker) and note the clock time when this bundle is loaded to first machine of the line. Keep eye on the bundle and record the time when this marked bundle come out from the line. Calculate the time gap. It is the through put time of that product/style. 

I guess you do not asking this question because suit is made in two parts (Bottom + Top)? 

If yes- I guess most of the suit factories set production lines for both the items to get equal no. of pieces (top as well bottom) per hour / per day. In this case measure throughput time for both items separately using second method. In my opinion, the higher value (out of the two items) will be the throughput time for suit. 

4. Shamshad asked
I want to start a manufacturing unit for apparel merchandising in Delhi, can you please suggest where can I get the row material? How can I arrange staff and where i can get the machine, also please suggest the minimum budget for running the business.

It is very good that you want to start garment manufacturing business in Delhi. To get correct information on the above queries you need to decide for which market segment/product category you want to do business. Depending on it your machine requirement will be planned. Similarly, material requirement and sourcing of the material depend on the product category. 

For the staff we can suggest you once you start your project. 

Finally, for calculation of your project budget you need to specify how many machines you want to set up and what products you are going to make. 

5. Robert Burton asked 
I am trying to do a manning leval for a man’s formal shirt. I have your minutes as detailed on the site. However I think this is for an engineered volume environment. Do you have any similar smv breakdown for a non automatic manual shirt making operation or any idea where I might obtain one?

All minutes are not for automatic (especial machines) machines. However, if want to know minutes (close to standards) for each operation, I will suggest you to calculate it yourselves using time study method. Because, a list of minutes (for shirt) made by others will not match to your operations as SMV depends on multiple factors, also operation to operation SMV will vary.

Still if you need some reference on SMVs for Shirt you can refer the book named BINRAN by Juki.

6. Aakanksha Pasricha asked
I need the information about the product category of apparels selling online and the percentage share of the category in women's wear, kid’s wear and men's wear plus the merchandise mix of apparels selling online.

Apparel products selling online?- Almost all product categories are there in online shopping windows. Only thing that each e-retailing sites have their own niche product categories. 

The information (data, statistics) you are looking for is not available with us as of now. You may search it with other web-resources.

7. Todor asked
Is it possible to calculate the time for production of single length of seam? For example- How much time is needed for sewing of 1cm of particular seam using particular stitch type?

Yes it is possible theoretically. To know more how it is done read our articles Secret behind the calculation of machine time in SAM  and How to Estimate Sewing Time by Machine RPM?
I hope this article will help you to find your answer.
8. Zaman asked
What is the full form of ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. 

9. Zaman asked
What is the full meaning of WRAP?Some place I see Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, some place I see Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production. Which one is right?
Both the abbreviations are right. Earlier it was Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production, Now name has been changed to "Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production" 

To know details about WRAP refer to

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