How to Determine Face Side of the Fabric?

Following characteristics help in finding face side of the fabric. When you got a whole fabric roll from a fabric supplier, in a standard fabric roll
  • Face side of single-layer roll is fabric face side. 
  • Inside face of double-plied roll is fabric face side 
  • Side with printed trade mark at both ends is fabric face 
  • Upper side of printed letter on the selvage 
  • If selvage contains stentering holes, more regularly shows face 

The general rules for identifying fabric face side for different fabrics are
  • Cloths with color are usually brighter on the face 
  • Cords are more pronounced on the face 
  • Sateen fabric show face by weft on top 
  • In case of Satins warp on top 
  • Dobby fabrics and brocades have the pattern more prominent on the face 
  • Pile fabric with brilliant color on top 
  • Pile fabric with more pile on the face

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