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How to Make Line Loading Plan for Garment Production?

Do you like to prepare line loading plan? But finding difficulties to allocate multiple orders.

In “Line loading plan” planner decides on which date a style to be loaded and how many lines to be considered for the style to meet the production completion date.

Line loading plan is an important task for a production planner. Planner needs to do backward and forward planning based on lead time.

In this article I will explain how to make line loading plan and what things are important during making a loading plan.

There is lot of mathematical calculation. So, I will suggest you to use spreed sheet  for the making the plan.

Step 1: Make a list of current orders with details such as order no., order quantity, style description, and production completion date. Refer to the Table-1. Suppose order has been received on the month March and production completion date on May from 4th to 21st.
Table- 1: Order list Order No. Garment Description Order Quantity  (pieces) Production completion date OCS101 Dre…

Formula for Calculating Sewing Room Capacity

The formula used for calculating the available capacity of the sewing line is discussed here. The available capacity of a line is presented in minutes or hours.
Sewing room Capacity per Day= {(No. of machine x daily work hours x 60) – absenteeism %} x Efficiency % (unit in minutes)
Monthly Capacity = Daily Capacity X No. of working days in a month
The capacity of a line depends on the average efficiency% of the line and operator absenteeism%. First, line-wise capacity is calculated and then added all line's capacity to calculate the available capacity of the floor. 
Things you need to know prior to using the above formula for calculating line capacity

Number of sewing machine in a line Shift hours in a dayAverage operator absenteeism percentAverage line efficiency%
An example:

A factory floor has 5 lines. The factory works for 8 hours daily. No of total operators, line efficiency, and absenteeism percentage are as given in the following table.
Line No. No. of Operator Minutes/Day (Daily…

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